WWE Brewing Thoughts: The Reality Era and an Early Look at WrestleMania XXVIII

Josh BrewerCorrespondent IOctober 5, 2011


Don't look now, but WWE has another hot storyline on its hands.

Last summer, the invasion of the Nexus took the WWE Universe by storm before slowly sputtering to a finish without a true payoff. After Monday night's edition of Raw, there is a new story putting the entirety of the roster on edge: The leadership, or lack thereof, of WWE Chief Operating Officer Triple H.

The walk-out that started at the conclusion of Raw continued at Tuesday's SmackDown tapings. Multiple wrestlers, including WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes said they would not compete on Monday nights until Triple H resigns as COO.

It will certainly be interesting to see where this story goes. Coupled with this summer's CM Punk-related story, a new era of WWE programming has been born.


Welcome to the Reality Era

Countless members of the Internet Wrestling Community refer back to the Attitude Era of the late 1990s and early 2000s as the golden age of pro wrestling in their lifetime.

And while every one of us in the IWC know the Attitude Era isn't coming back, we should embrace the newest era of pro wrestling: the Reality Era.

It started, in earnest, with CM Punk's searing hot angle this summer. Now, we find ourselves in the midst of a storm of controversy stretching across the entire WWE Universe.

Faces and heels have begun boycotting Triple H, the storyline COO of WWE. The vast majority of the Raw roster walked out on Triple H Monday night, leaving The Game alone in the ring with an arena full of shocked fans.

The Miz and R-Truth have taken their protests to another level. The two superstars have gone rogue, jumping guard rails to attack other WWE superstars, as well as posting YouTube videos regarding their actions because of their displeasure with what they consider an unjust termination.

As 2011 approaches its end, the Reality Era begins. Expect similar storylines in the future. The Punk story was hot, even though many believe it was cut much shorter than it could have run. We now have superstars taking full advantage of social media such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in an effort to further angles.

Vince McMahon wants the lines between kayfabe and reality blurred again. The Internet, and the IWC, killed that dream years ago. But it may also be the vehicle to blurring the lines once again.

The IWC that McMahon openly criticized may be getting the recognition it never received in the past. According to PWInsider, WWE creative has been throwing around storyline ideas that directly relate to the things the IWC so often criticizes WWE for.

Now, we'll really find out if we know as much as we think we do. Whether or not McMahon starts listening to the IWC, or just uses the Internet to advance angles in a way never seen before, the online presence of the WWE Universe will be involved in the latest incarnation of the WWE product.


An Early Look at the Potential WrestleMania XXVIII Card

We are still 179 days away from WrestleMania XXVIII in Miami, but that doesn't mean the matches at the big event at Sun Life Stadium haven't already been discussed.

The massive clash between The Rock and John Cena is already set in stone, but plenty of match ideas have been thrown around since the main event was set right after WrestleMania XXVII this past spring.

Early reports suggested we would see a rematch between The Undertaker and Triple H, and a clash between CM Punk and the returning Chris Jericho. As they always seem to do, plans have changed, and the most recent reports have quite an interesting look.

Initially, the contest between The Rock and John Cena was to be for the WWE Championship, but according to Wrestlezone.com, those plans have changed. Other reports on Wrestlezone.com have WWE creative favoring the idea of a Mark Henry v. Sheamus match for the World Heavyweight Championship, as well as CM Punk defending the WWE Championship against a currently unnamed opponent.

Assuming Randy Orton remains on SmackDown, it appears both Cena and Orton will be sitting on the sidelines for the two world title matches in Miami next spring. Will the Legend Killer go after the biggest legend of all, once again challenging The Undertaker and The Streak?

It wouldn't be in WWE's worst interests to give Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes a chance to shine in meaningful matches on The Grandest Stage of Them All. The ship has sailed on young stars like John Morrison and Kofi Kingston, so when WWE once again looks for young talent able to take the next step into the main event, Ziggler and Rhodes should be at the top of the list.

Plans are always subject to change—especially at the last possible moment—in the WWE Universe, so nothing is guaranteed outside of Rock/Cena for WrestleMania XXVII. But if the matches above sit atop the card on April 1, we could be in for an interesting night in Miami.