SEC Or Big 12?

Benjy MillerContributor IDecember 1, 2008

Two of the biggest games in college football this season are being played Saturday. 


The Alabama Crimson Tide face off with the Florida Gators at 4 p.m. EST Saturday. Oh, and whoever wins goes to the National Championship game. So, who's better?

The Crimson Tide (1) have a 79 SOS ranking. The Florida Gators (2) have an 11 SOS ranking. The Crimson Tide are 12-0. The Florida Gators, 11-1, only losing to Ole Miss. In the AP poll, they are ranked the same. In the coaches' poll, Alabama is ranked first while the Gators are ranked fourth. But one thing is clear, whoever wins this game will represent the SEC in the National Championship game. The question, is who will it be?


The Oklahoma Sooners (4) take on the Missouri Tigers (19) in Kansas City, MO, Saturday at 8 p.m. EST. There can only be two outcomes of this game. 

1. Oklahoma wins and goes on to take on the Alabama/Florida winner. 


2. Missouri wins and gets a BCS bid while Texas goes on to play either Alabama or Florida.

Now, Oklahoma has only lost to Texas this year. Missouri, on the other hand, has lost three games and is coming in off a 40-37 loss to Kansas.

Oklahoma has scored at least 61 points in its last four games and is red hot. Heisman hopeful Sam Bradford tore ligaments in his non-throwing hand in Oklahoma's win against Oklahoma State. That might be able to slow Oklahoma down, but Missouri will still need to play superb defense.

Missouri needs its defense to be on top of its game to win this one, and Oklahoma just needs to keep playing like it has been to win. 


(15)Ball State v Buffalo - Friday 8 p.m. EST

(23) Pittsburgh v Connecticut - Saturday 12 p.m. EST

(20) Boston College v Virginia Tech - 1 p.m. EST

(5) USC v UCLA - 4:30 p.m. EST

(16) Cincinnati v Hawaii - 11:30 p.m. EST