WWE Superstars Who Should Not Have Been Released

The Doctor Chris Mueller@@BR_DoctorFeatured ColumnistOctober 5, 2011

WWE Superstars Who Should Not Have Been Released

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    The WWE is like any sport in that people are constantly coming and going from the roster. WWE releases people for numerous reasons whether its attitude, performance, personal issues or they have just gotten too old to compete.

    Sometimes the WWE releases people as a cost-cutting measure, or to make room for newer stars to emerge. Sometimes these decisions seem logical, and sometimes the people released shock the fans and wrestlers alike.

    This is a list of seven wrestlers I feel the WWE should not have released for one reason or another.

Shelton Benjamin

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    Many people would say Shelton was released because he had little to no charisma, and that may be true, but that has never stopped people from succeeding.

    His raw talent and athleticism made him a human highlight reel in the ring. He could ground and pound, mat wrestle and fly from the top rope better than most in the business.

    His run in WWE was primarily as a heel, but towards the end they took a chance with him as a babyface, and it seemed to be working until WWE released him with a slew of other superstars.

    Now Shelton is in Ring of Honor with his tag team partner Charlie Haas, and they have found success in the No. 3 brand as a top tag team.

    Shelton has proven over the years that he can put on quality matches with just about anyone, and when paired with a veteran like Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho, he could steal the show.

    Time will tell if we will ever see Shelton in a WWE ring again, but if I were a betting man, I would say we will see him again at some point.

Mike Knox

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    This one will have people disagreeing with me for sure, because Knox is one of those guys who many people did not see the upside in, but I did.

    Mike Knox had more potential than most men of his size for multiple reasons. He was big, moved fast and was actually not that bad on the mic when you look back at his few opportunities to speak.

    Knox always seemed to be on the cusp of a push, only to be left behind by other flashier superstars who had more mainstream appeal.

    Mainstream is certainly not the word to describe Knox. He had a mountain man-style beard, long unkempt hair and what appeared to be a permanent Harry and the Hendersons costume attached to his body.

    His in-ring style was aggressive and ruthless, something the WWE looks for in its big heels. I was initially shocked at the announcement of his release because he was in the middle of a program with Kane at the time.

    I hope Knox finds some success, because he was someone I always felt was never given a proper run.

    I chose this video because this was during Knox's most memorable feud with CM Punk.

Mickie James

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    For whatever reason, someone in WWE decided that because she did not resemble Michelle McCool, Mickie James was not good enough to be a Diva.

    There were reports of personal issues leading to her release, but I tend not to believe most of the rumors that come from the dirtsheets. Mickie is a beautiful woman who is arguably one of the best Divas of all time.

    She came into WWE as a Trish Stratus stalker, and eventually became her own powerhouse of popularity. Her good looks and in-ring skills pushed her to the top of the women's division in WWE very quickly.

    She is a multi-time Champion who was put into a storyline where she was called fat every week. I will never say she looks like she is need of a meal, but she is nowhere near fat, chubby, chunky or any other word you will find in a thesaurus.

    TNA realized this and snatched her up. Now she is the top woman in TNA and has a budding music career.  WWE seemed to shy away from her wanting to pursue music, which is stupid.

    WWE has a films department, why would they not try their hand at a record label and release Mickie's album along with all the stuff from guys like R-Truth, John Cena and Jericho.

    Mickie James is someone I would love to see back in WWE simply because they need her talent.

Luke Gallows

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    When he first debuted he was portrayed as the simple-minded Festus along with his tag team partner Jesse. His gimmick was that he was a calm person until someone rang the ring bell, then he turned into a raging lunatic who mowed down everything in his path.

    He was portrayed as such a monster that Edge used him to wear down the Undertaker before one of their matches. The team of Jesse and Festus started to gain some popularity, and what does WWE do when a tag team starts to break out? They break them up.

    Jesse turned into a rapping dork, and Festus went unseen until he was brought back as part of CM Punk's Straight Edge Society. He had a new look and a new focus.

    He began to improve and show more depth in the ring, but soon CM Punk would venture out on his own, and Luke Gallows was released and wished luck in his future endeavors.

    I know he was not the most appealing wrestler, but WWE needs guys like him if for nothing more than helping to elevate the bigger stars.

Husky Harris

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    I know, I know, he wasn't released, he just went back to FCW for more training.

    Apparently WWE didn't like this guy's look so they sent him back to their developmental system to improve and possibly redebut as a tag team with his brother.

    Why he was brought off WWE TV is a mystery to me as I always thought he was one of the better big men I had ever seen.

    His time with Michael McGillicutty was far more entertaining than David Otunga has been.

    I hope he returns to WWE soon, as he is a great talent with a bright future and a good pedigree, he is, after all, the son of WWE legend Mike "IRS"  Rotunda.

Charlie Haas

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    Another collegiate athlete, Haas was someone who never found his proper footing outside the tag team division. Together with Shelton he was great; alone he was somewhat boring.

    Personality aside, he was a great talent with tons of potential.

    Haas had a gimmick of impersonating old superstars' entrances and finishers for while, and he found some new popularity with the gimmick because he was portraying people that fans missed seeing like Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan.

    Now he is in ROH with Shelton doing fine, but he was someone I never felt the WWE put any effort into. It was almost as if they forgot about him once Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin went their own way.

    Haas could easily return to WWE sometime down the line, and for his sake, I hope he does because the indy scene can be hell on a wrestler who has already lived through the WWE world.

    I think the video above shows he had some comedy chops WWE never utilized properly.

Chavo Guerrero

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    Chavo requested his release, but that was due to WWE never really treating him right.

    He always seemed to be living in Eddie's shadow, which is a damn shame because Chavo was just as good technically as Eddie, but his personality was lacking a bit.

    Chavo could work a great match with anyone, and WWE knew that, which is why he was always used to enhance other talents.

    His time as ECW champion while he was aligned with Edge seemed to be taking him in a new direction, but eventually he fell back down the ladder to the point where they dressed him up in a chicken suit so Jack Swagger could make him look like a fool.

    I have stated numerous times in the past that he was totally misused by WWE and that they missed the boat on expanding their Latino audience by only featuring Rey Mysterio.

    Chavo will end up in the Hall of Fame one day, I am sure of that.

    The video featured here shows a much more aggressive Chavo making Rey Rey say I Quit.

    I hope you enjoyed the slideshow, share your thoughts below on who you feel should never have been let go from WWE.