English Premier League: The Rich List 2011

Davey EdmondsonContributor IIIOctober 5, 2011

English Premier League: The Rich List 2011

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    Today, influential football magazine FourFourTwo revealed their annual Rich List, ranking people involved in British football by overall wealth.

    Not surprisingly, although the players are rich, the team owners and chairmen are worth far more. All figures are estimates and courtesy of FourFourTwo and www.fourfourtwo.com.

10: Mike Ashley

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    Earning his fortune by running discount sportswear retailers Sports Direct, Mike Ashley bought Newcastle United in 2007.

    He is worth £1.37 billion.

    Ashley's relationship with the fans has been turbulent, with many fan protests in 2008 when popular manager Kevin Keegan fell out with the board over the club's transfer dealings, as well as other things.

9: The Glazer Family

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    Despite Manchester United's current form and success, the Glazer family are far from liked in the red half of Manchester.

    The Glazers are worth £1.64 billion.

    Despite their wealth, the Glazers have borrowed heavily, much to the disdain of the fans. As well as owning Manchester United, the Glazers own NFL side Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as well as several other businesses.

8: Stan Kroenke

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    After buying several minority shares in Arsenal, Stan Kroenke currently owns roughly 66 percent of the club.

    He is worth £1.8 billion.

    Kroenke earned most of his money as a property developer, often near retail sites. As well as his Arsenal interest, he also owns the basketball team, Denver Nuggets, and and the hockey team, Colorado Avalanche. 

7: Denis O'Brien

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    Owning stakes in Celtic and Doncaster Rovers, Denis O'Brien is an Irish entrepreneur.

    He is worth roughly £2.517 billion.

    Earning his wealth through telecoms and radio in his native Ireland, he also owns a mobile phone network in the Caribbean and a golf club in Portugal.

6: Joe Lewis

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    Joe Lewis is the main investor in the Tavistock group, which owns Tottenham Hotspur, as well as several other businesses.

    He is worth £2.8 billion.

    Lewis started off in catering, moving on to being a merchant and owning a nightclub in London. His current wealth is maintained by his many investments.

5: The Liebherr Family

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    German-born business man Markus Liebherr bought Southampton in 2009, a deal which took the team out of administration and put them on a secure financial platform. Unfortunately, Liebherr passed away last year, but his family have kept the club and continue to run it well.

    With a fortune earned in machinery, the family is worth roughly £3 billion.

    Under the family's leadership, Southampton earned promotion and are currently doing very well in the Championship.

4: Roman Abramovich

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    It seems like such a long time ago, but since buying Chelsea all those years ago, all of the club's recent successes are as much down to Roman Abramovich as it is to the team.

    Abramovich is worth approximately £10.3 billion.

    After setting up small businesses as a young man, Abramovich moved into the oil industry where he has earned most of his fortune. He also has interest in property, steel and mining.

3: Lakshmi Mittal

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    Recent attention at QPR may all be on new majority shares owner Tony Fernandes, but Lakshmi Mittal still owns 33 percent of the London club.

    He is worth an estimated £11.8 billion.

    Earning a fortune in steel, Mittal is the owner of the world's largest steel company, ArcelorMittal. He has set up steel companies internationally as well as his native India.

2: Alisher Usmanov

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    Constantly trying to become majority shareholder at Arsenal, Alisher Usmanov owns roughly 29 percent of the north London club.

    He is worth roughly £12.4 billion.

    Usmanov earned his fortune in the steel and iron ore mining industries, as well as earning shares in many different companies, including the social networking site Facebook.

1: Sheikh Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

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    Is it any surprise that the richest person in British football is the benefactor that fuels Manchester City's endless spending sprees? Sheikh Mansour is worth a whopping £20 billion.

    Since the discovery of oil in the Middle East, the ruling families of the region have earned massive fortunes. As well as oil and football, Sheikh Mansour has interests in horse racing.