Fantasy Football 2011: 4 Reasons You Regret Joining a Fantasy Football League

Alex SandersonCorrespondent IIIOctober 5, 2011

Fantasy Football 2011: 4 Reasons You Regret Joining a Fantasy Football League

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    Playing in a fantasy football league can serve to increase your love for the NFL. However, it can also provide you with many headaches.

    There are many unhappy campers right now in their fantasy leagues sitting at 1-3 and 0-4. They are just mulling over making the wrong picks or lineup decisions and wondering what went wrong.

    Losing in fantasy is more frustrating than watching your favorite team in a real-life struggle. You know that you are actually in control of the outcome and it's extremely hard on the mind.

    That said, here are four major reasons why you may not be having the greatest of times in your fantasy league right about now.

The Unpredictability Factor

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    While football is generally not as unpredictable as other fantasy sports, the 2011 NFL season has certainly seen its fair share of surprises that are killing fantasy owners.

    Two of the biggest fantasy killers to this point are running backs Chris Johnson and Rashard Mendenhall. They are first round running backs that haven't even produced top 100 numbers so far.

    It can also be frustrating to be beaten by unforseen outbursts by an opposing player. Three-touchdown performances by Torrey Smith and Beanie Wells in the last two weeks immediately come to mind.

    There are always going to be busts, but it's obviously frustrating if you are one of the owners that gets stuck with a few of them. For example, if an owner selected Rashard Mendenhall, Philip Rivers and Deangelo Williams, he/she is especially hard on luck to start this season.

Terrible Luck

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    Let's face it, while there is certainly quite a bit of skill in having a good fantasy team, you also need some luck (especially in head-to-head formats). You could have a really good lineup on paper but it may not translate into wins.

    Can you explain to me how a team that owns Calvin Johnson in a touchdown-heavy scoring format is 1-3? That's one of the questions that I myself am dealing with after Week 4. Johnson has six touchdowns in three weeks, making him the best player in that format other than the top quarterbacks.

    The rest of my roster isn't that bad either. The likes of Willis Mcgahee, Jermichael Finley, Mike Tolbert, LeGarrette Blount and Philip Rivers are a nice supporting cast in a 14-team league.

    I have the third-most points in the league, but have had the second-most points scored against me. I came up just one point short in Week 4, as duds by Finley and the season-long headache Mario Manningham were too much to overcome.

    It's hard when your fortunes come down to how your individual matches shape up. They generally tend to even out over a long season, but when you are on the wrong side of the stick in the early going, your spirit cannot help but be weakened.


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    Injuries are a part of professional sports that can't be bypassed. Unfortanetly for fantasy football owners, there is no compensation for one of your star players getting hurt.

    Jamaal Charles, Miles Austin and Kenny Britt have been three of the biggest in-season injuries up to this point of the season. I drafted all three on one of my teams and am amazingly still in a playoff race at 2-2.

    The biggest injuries of Week 4 were Andre Johnson and Rashard Mendenall, adding themselves to Charles and Arian Foster as first-round level players getting hurt this year. It's almost impossible to win matchups without those guys available for your lineup.

    The story of Peyton Manning can also not be forgotten. Many leagues drafted before he appeared in serious doubt of missing major time, meaning a lot of owners were stuck without a top quarterback.

Bye Week Blues

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    Week 5 of the NFL season starts the bye week part of 2011. Many owners are scrambling right now trying to get some replacements for their top players over the next several weeks.

    The key here is that most teams near the bottom cannot afford to fall any further. Owners of players like Jason Witten and Ray Rice, who are also already in must-win mode, have probably been sending a lot of trade offers over the last few days.

    Bye weeks also tend to make the best teams better, which is terrible news if you are not at the top of your league. You have already been struggling and that was when you had your full cast of players suiting up to play each and every week.