7 Questions Coming out of RAW

Mark Pare@NEPats17Correspondent IIOctober 5, 2011

7 Questions Coming out of RAW

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    The fallout to Hell in a Cell came to RAW this past Monday, and it was one full of surprises, returns and a massive 12-man tag-team match to cap things all off.

    It wasn't the matches that got everyone talking after the event, but the ending segment that left WWE COO Triple H, alone in the ring.

    We have two more RAW broadcasts before Vengeance and we don't have any matches scheduled.

    Is that reason for concern, or is the angle at the end of RAW going to play a huge role in the match selection for the next PPV?

    Here are some other questions coming out of RAW.

Is Drew McIntyre on the Rise?

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    At the beginning of RAW, Drew McIntyre faced off against former World Champion Randy Orton.

    The match was closely contested, and even though McIntyre got a jobber entrance, he got in a good deal of offense and looked great against Orton.

    Could this be a sign of things to come, or is McIntyre going to be forever relegated to jobber status?

    The man who was once touted by Vince McMahon as a "future WWE Champion" has seen a lot more lows, ever since the hotel incident between him and his wife, then-WWE Diva Tiffany.

What Will Be of John Morrison?

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    Two straight nights, two straight losses. John Morrison is getting in the ring with top notch competitors, but he is jobbing every single time.

    He has the athletic ability, but his mic skills do need work.

    Can Morrison get another title reign, or is he paying the price of dating former WWE Diva Melina?

    It is well known that Trish's involvement in this past Wrestlemania didn't sit well with JoMo's girlfriend, but he is still paying the price for what looked to be taking her side.

    Even if Morrison's mic skills improve, is he destined to be on the mid-card for the rest of his career?

Santino Marella's Return; Jinder Mahal Does Job?

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    Santino Marella came back and got a big win on Monday night, and that is a good thing; he is over with the fans and is a great worker.

    That's not what's of concern here.

    It is the fact that despite how big we have seen Jinder Mahal become, with his allegiance to The Great Khali, he can simply job to the returning Marella.

    With the loss of Khali, will Mahal be a jobber for a while, or is there a future?

    My problem is that three questions in and we are wondering what WWE is doing to some characters, whether it being short-term or long-term.

    It's definitely a sad thing, but we will have to see what WWE has in store for McIntyre, Morrison and Mahal.

Are Miz and R-Truth Becoming the New Internet Champions?

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    As of late, WWE Superstars have done a lot of talking on the Internet. There was Zack Ryder, there's Twitter, and now the newly fired WWE Superstars Miz and R-Truth have taken to YouTube to air their grievances over recent events.

    As long as Miz and Truth remain "unemployed," expect this to probably happen more. If they do it enough, could they challenge Zack Ryder for the Internet Championship? Just a silly thought, but the real question is if these Internet appearances will be one of many, or will they appear on RAW and Smackdown in the near future?

Where Did Kelly Kelly's Rage Come From?

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    Looking at this photo, you would think Kelly Kelly is a sweet, innocent looking girl, right? Well, look at what happens when you take her belt.

    Since losing the Divas Championship, Kelly hasn't been her cute little self. She has been an animal and showed it on RAW, by attacking the new champion Beth Phoenix without remorse.

    The rage has never been seen before, even when Kelly was constantly being challenged in her title reign. So the question is: Where did this new side come from, why is it peaking now, and is it here to stay, as long as she sits without the Divas Championship?

    We always love seeing the girls with an edge to them, and it will make things exciting for the division that has been otherwise dull.

Is David Otungas Legal Involvement Going to Get Him a Decent Push?

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    David Otunga has been on TV more frequently as of late. It is his background as a Harvard Law School graduate that has him in the position he is in.

    He is in a position to be in main events for the first time since his days in Nexus, and one questions whether or not the men consulting him should do the wrestling for him.

    Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler, Christian and WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio are the men who are teaming with Otunga in this fight against the WWE, and the alleged lawsuit they are putting up against them seems to be the start of something big, but we don't know what is happening.

    Where is this angle going? And most importantly...

Where Does Triple H Go from Here?

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    The men have left, the women have left, the referees have left. Cameramen, announcers and everyone else have left. The only ones remaining with Triple H are the WWE Universe.

    The ending segment shows that things are in need of change in the WWE.

    What is noteworthy is that John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton were not present during the final segment.

    Are they still on Triple H's side? We all know Punk's stance, but what about Cena's?

    What will happen to Triple H, and who will be at RAW next Monday night?

    What do you think?


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