NBA 2012: 2k Sports' Simulation Is Only Saving Grace for an NBA Fanatic's Fix

Brandon GalvinFeatured ColumnistOctober 4, 2011

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Thank the Basketball Gods, we still have NBA 2k12 in the wake of this horrific NBA lockout.

If you’re like me, simply shaking your head in disgust over the NBA’s ugly lockout just isn’t enough.

You’re losing sleep, pulling your hair out of your head or crying hysterically.

At this point, it doesn’t seem like the lockout will be lifted any time soon. We’ve seen sporadic meetings and the progress is moving slower than a sloth.

Every year, I gear up for the latest basketball video game release. NBA Jam is fun, but I still need my simulation fix.

I still want to control the best basketball players in the world at my very own fingertips. I need to power through somebody on the fast break with LeBron James, shake a defender for a fade away with Kobe Bryant and drain treys with a sniper like Kevin Durant.

With the lockout, that’s more important than ever—it may be our only saving grace to get our NBA fix.

I’m a basketball fanatic. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do if the NBA season is cancelled.

Sure, I can get by with a shortened season considering the NFL takes us into the first week of February, but what about those days between Sundays? The best part about the fall is that there is something on every single night, mostly basketball.

My NBA fix may only be met through the virtual world led by NBA 2k12 because the season doesn’t look like it will begin on time, according to Rotoworld’s Staff.

It may seem silly, but we should be thanking our lucky stars that 2k Sports is still around. EA Sports’ product was drowning for years, but 2k is still doing things to improve their product.

This year, the graphics are better than ever, but it’s the game play that has taken a leap. It’s smoother than in previous years and once you get adjusted to the new shot stick, you’ll become more engrossed in the game.

It’s almost as if 2k Sports was gearing up for an extended lockout with their Greatest Team Ever Debate campaign.

What better way to get through a lockout than stepping on the virtual court and claiming global dominance with your favorite team in history?

Who wouldn’t want to play with the best legends in the history of our beloved game? Hallowed hardwood greats like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson grace our flat screens, but they’re joined by many other Hall of Famers.

Their inclusion in this year’s game, more than years past, will provide NBA fanatics with more replay value than we’ve seen from a basketball game.

Considering we could be in store for an extended lockout, NBA 2k12’s longevity is a true blessing for fans and the video game is a must-own for any NBA fanatic.