20 Most Brutal Nose Breaks in Sports

Ed OrzaCorrespondent IIOctober 5, 2011

20 Most Brutal Nose Breaks in Sports

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    A battered beak is synonymous with toughness. 

    Some sports have an intimate relationship with the power of the broken nose.

    Hockey in particular embraces the broken nose as an emblem of the soul of its game.

    The noses on this list hail from all over the athletic universe.

    Don't blame me if you wince at a couple of these mangled mugs.

20. Tyler Hansbrough

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    Hansbrough enjoyed a charmed existence during his time in Chapel Hill. 

    I'm sure there were a lot of Duke fans during that time who would have liked to cave "Psycho T's" nose in. 

    Gerald Henderson beat them all to the elbow.

19. Rich Franklin

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    Franklin used to be a high school math teacher back in the day. 

    He probably would have had a hard time walking into class looking like he ran into a wall.

    Turns out he walked into Anderson Silva's knees.

18. Steve Nash

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    Nash brings his Canadian toughness to a sport that is filled with a lot of fragile characters to say the least. 

    He's cracked his bird like nose a few times before, but his collision with Tony Parker may have done the most damage. 

17. Alfonso Olaf

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    I think this guy's broken nose has to be second to his incredible mustache.

    He's a boxer in case you were wondering. 

16. Charlie Lynch

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    If MMA has one thing going for it, it's the gnarly damage caused by the variety of strikes involved. 

    Homie's face right here is a prime example. 

15. Manu Ginobili

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    Manu isn't the best looking guy in the world to begin with. 

    His sideways nose is not helping.

14. Jack Lester

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    I have to admit I'm a little surprised a soccer player broke his nose at all. 

    Usually they're writhing on the ground like they have a compound fracture after brushing up against each other or something.

    Jack earned his stripes with this one, though, that's for sure.

13. Forrest Griffin

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    Forrest is a warrior and brutally entertaining in the octagon. 

    Unfortunately, as a result, his face is pretty much a bunch of scar tissue.

12. Johan Franzen

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    Johan's nose isn't immediately grotesque, but it's so swollen and mashed up, it had to be on the list. 

    This is part of what makes hockey so awesome.  The league is full of Viking warriors like Johan.   

11. Beram Kayal

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    Another soccer player? No way. 

    When your nose looks like a gummy worm, odds are you took a pretty good shot. 

10. Kevin Westgarth

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    Kevin is an enforcer in the NHL. 

    He's getting a little bit of his own medicine in this shot. 

    Plus, check out the shorty snapping a pic of the beat down in the background.

9. Ben Roethlisberger

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    Say what you want about Big Ben, but the guy is tough as nails. 

    I think this picture gives you an idea of just how tough. 

8. Jacques Plante

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    If this picture isn't throwback, I don't know what is. 

    The essence of hockey is just oozing out of this one. 

    Blood, destroyed nose hastily taped up and the super old school mask. 


7. Brandon Vera

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    Vera is a fighter in the UFC.

    Fighters definitely have some of the most shattered mugs in all of sports, but this dude's schnoz is straight smushed.

6. Aaron Rowand

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    Just take a look at his black eyes. 

    That is the result of a solid broken nose, right there. 

    If you haven't seen video of Rowand breaking his beak check it out.

5. Jon Wilkins

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    Rugby is underrated. 

    It's pretty much "kill the carrier and we all remember how fun that was back in the day."

    The sport is also practically synonymous with drinking and drinking heavily.

    Jon is definitely going to need a few cold ones after this game. 

4. Patrice L'Heureux

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    Patrice has taken so many punches in the ring that the bridge of his nose has pretty much disappeared. 

    He's basically all nostrils. 

3. Robbie O'Davis

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    There is so much pain in this man's face. 

    It hurts just looking at this doesn't it?

    Side Note: This guy's hair is near jheri curl status.

2. Darryl Boyce

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    This picture is tough to look at. 

    This is like the perfect storm of broken noses.

    Incredibly swollen, crooked and oh yeah, his nostril is hanging by a thread.

    Gotta love hockey players.

1. Ryan McGillivray

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    Worst broken nose I've ever seen. 

    Seriously, bro, what is that lump popping out of your forehead?

    All I know is Ryan would have a hard time going with "you should see the other guy" with battle damage like that.



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