Marco Sturm Is Back, Bruins Get Another Weapon In the Line Up

Shawn OwensAnalyst IDecember 1, 2008

Marco Sturm is back after missing six games due to an upper body injury.  This is good news for the Bruins.

This will give the B's another weapon in the line up.  Sturm is a great playmaker who can score when opportunity arises. 

The question is, where is he going to fit in?  The team is playing well right now and it looks as though Claude Julien is pulling all the right strings.  Is it too early to think Coach of the Year?

Sturm is a solid player who is tough to play against.  The one draw back for him this season was getting him up for every game.

Flashback to game six last year when Sturm scored and the Garden went nuts. The look on Sturm's face was that of determination and untouchability. 

This is the look and the feel the Bruins need him to have to stay a regular in the Bruins line-up in the future, especially with the way everyone is playing.

Welcome back to the team Marco.  Time to make up for being out six games.