College Football Predictions Week 6: News and Analysis for Saturday's Games

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College Football Predictions Week 6: News and Analysis for Saturday's Games
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Will Texas coach Mack Brown be crying after Saturday's battle with Oklahoma?

As we now head into the thick of college football conference play, there are still a ton of questions we need answered.

With 13 undefeated teams still left in the polls, we’ve got to put on our best detective hats and start separating the true contenders from the many frauds.

Right now, it’s the Big 3—LSU, Alabama and Oklahoma—who are dominating the headlines, but there are still plenty of other teams in the national title mix.

Don’t overlook Wisconsin, Oklahoma State, Boise State, Stanford, Clemson or even Oregon.

We’ve still got a lot of sorting out to do and there are still plenty of big games, pitting top-ranked teams against each other.

Oklahoma State-Oklahoma, Stanford-Oregon and LSU-Alabama all have the chance to be spectacular showcase games unlike anything we’ve seen in college football in years.

This race has a chance to be historic.

The gauntlet is set.

People who complain about the lack of a playoff system in college football don’t realize that the regular season is the playoffs in a sense.

It’s pure survival.

Could we still use a plus-one title game?

Sure, but let’s enjoy the action we have now.

The second half of the 2011 season is shaping up to be monstrous and it all starts this weekend with a few huge games.

Here’s a look at some ongoing predictions for Week 6.

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