Rutgers Set to Handle Louisville Thursday

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 1, 2008

Rutgers is matched up against Louisville on Thursday in a game that will be huge for the Scarlet Knights. 

A win would equal a decent bowl game appearance (perhaps the Sun Bowl), and a loss would equal a bowl game, that while still a bowl, would not be one that many teams aim to make during the course of a season. 

Yes, after the horrible start to the season, any bowl appearance will almost be a miracle for Rutgers. 

This team has always had the talent throughout the season though, and it is starting to finally shine through. 

Teams have seen this recently. Whether it is Mike Teel tearing apart defenses, or the defense completely shutting down opponents, week in, and week out. 

Louisville will be the next team to see this up close and personal, and as long as the long layoff in between games does not hurt the momentum of the Scarlet Knights, this game will not even be close. 

Why you may be wondering? 

First off, looking at Louisville, they cannot stop turning the ball over.  If this was a stat that won games for teams, Louisville may very well have a case for the BCS Championship game. 

Rutgers thrives off of forcing turnovers.  This fires up the defense, and, with the short field to work with that usually results from the defense making plays, this makes the potent offense that much harder to stop. 

Even when working with long fields though lately, Rutgers has still been scoring points by the barrel load. 

In addition, the Louisville defense leaves much to be desired.  In games that they should have won, they have not shown up recently, and they have been in bad defeats as a result of this. 

Stopping Rutgers will be very hard for this group to say the least. 

Simply put, as long as Rutgers moves the chains, and keeps the defense of Louisville with a mixture of passing and running plays, Louisville should not even have a chance in this game. 

Look for Mike Teel to throw between 200 and 250 yards, and for the running game to put up at least 125 total yards on the ground between a few different Running Backs. 

In addition, look for the Rutgers' defense to force turnovers aplenty again, and for Louisville to get blown out as a result. 

What will the final score be?  The call here as of now is 38-17 Rutgers, but it could very well end up being a game that is much more ugly than this by the end of the game.