Michael Vick: Why Fantasy Owners Need to Trade Eagles QB Immediately

Chris CiprianoCorrespondent IIOctober 4, 2011

Michael Vick: Why Fantasy Owners Need to Trade Eagles QB Immediately

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    Michael Vick is not only one of the most polarizing players in the NFL, but also in fantasy football.

    Vick has the talent unlike anybody else and take over a game. His Monday night performance last season against the Washington Redskins was one of the greatest fantasy performances ever. He sparked tons of incredible fantasy comebacks that night.

    That performance, along with the rest of that season, vaulted Vick into the first round of most fantasy football drafts this summer.

    Vick was expected to be the best fantasy quarterback. So far, through one quarter of the season, that isn’t the case. While Vick hasn’t been awful, he certainly hasn’t lived up to his lofty preseason expectations.

    He has been banged up—missing portions of two games, and he hasn’t been his usual self when healthy.

    You should trade Vick now while you still have the chance. Read on to find out why.  

QB Is Deep

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    The NFL has turned into a passing league. While some football purists might not love it, it is great for fantasy football owners. The increase in passing has created plenty of depth at the quarterback position.

    Players such as Matthew Stafford, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Cam Newton and Matt Hasselbeck were all either drafted as backups or went undrafted through one quarter of the season.

    They are all Top 10 fantasy quarterbacks.

    If you drafted Vick, odds are you drafted a decent backup or picked one up off the waiver wire because of his propensity to injury. Even if you didn’t the drop off from Vick to another quarterback isn’t as steep as it  perceived.

    Bottom line, you can survive without Vick. There are plenty of quarterbacks that at worst, you could play matchups with two quarterbacks. 

At Least One Owner Loves Vick

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    In most fantasy leagues, there’s bound to be that one guy who has a serious man crush on Michael Vick.

    Maybe they rode him last year all the way to a fantasy championship. Maybe they love playing with him in Madden. Maybe they love watching him on television. Whatever the reason is, I have encountered tons of Vick fanboys through the years.

    Hopefully, this owner has a need at quarterback and you can negotiate a trade with them. This owner will not be bothered by Vick’s performance so far this season and will give you as good of a deal as you will get for Vick. 

Injury Risk

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    We all knew Michael Vick was an injury risk heading into the year. He has lived up to that reputation so far in this young season.

    No Vick hasn’t suffered a serious injury, though at times that’s what we believed. Instead, he has suffered injuries that have knocked him out of two games.

    While it's not as bad as a long-term injury, it is still crippling to a fantasy team.

    At least if you know Vick isn’t playing, you can put in a replacement. When he gets knocked out of games early, you have no other options—you are getting only a percentage of what other owners are getting from the quarterback position.

    That puts you at a significant disadvantage, and I bet I could show you a ton of Vick owners that have lost because Vick couldn’t finish a full game. 

Not Performing

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    You most likely spent a first round pick on Michael Vick in your fantasy football draft. You passed on the likes of Darren McFadden, Calvin Johnson and Matt Forte to select him.

    Through four weeks, he’s not playing like a first round pick. Fantasy football is all about value and as of now you aren’t getting value out of Vick.

    Even when Vick hasn’t been injured, he hasn’t been as good as advertised. He hasn’t delivered one great performance yet, where he completely takes a game over.

    I don’t know whether it’s because defenses have figured him out, his offensive line can’t pass protect, he got a little complacent or he is more injured than the Philadelphia Eagles have let on.

    Nevertheless, watching him this season, this isn’t the same guy we saw last year.