Jaguars-Texans on MNF: The Untold Story Lines

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Jaguars-Texans on MNF: The Untold Story Lines

The Jaguars and Texans...Really Roger Goodell?

I mean could you have thought of a better matchup than these two perennially boring teams? I suppose I can see how this could have been interesting when the game was announced. Houston was an up-and-coming team and Jacksonville was a team a lot of "experts" were picking to go to the Super Bowl.

Besides all of that, this game is going to suck, but as always, we here at The Skip Bayless Report like to give you, the paying consumer, the point of views that the mainstream media does not look at. So here are some untold story lines for this upcoming Monday Night Football game.

Andre Johnson, in the wake of Plaxico Burress shooting himself in a night club, will play for the first time without a gun tucked in the back of pants. How do you think he always gets so open?

On the other hand Matt Jones will continue to be packing because, well he is Matt Jones.

At halftime, Tony Boselli will be put in the middle of the field and have to choose which team he likes more, by going to their respective sidelines.

The Vegas odds are about even right now because of the home field advantage, but Jacksonville is the team that drafted him as a rookie and let his career die with an expansion franchise.  Houston is the team that made him the face of the franchise and he repaid the favor by being injured that whole time.

The Jaguars are going to implement their own version of the wildcat offense, but will give defensive tackle John Henderson all the snaps. This is a result of Henderson saying that he could run a better offense than what the Jaguars have now. Did I mention Henderson will also be calling all the offensive plays as well? Expect a lot of running up the gut.

Look out for Kevin Walter, apparently he is the starting wide receiver for the Texans, who knew? I blame the East Coast sports bias.

Listen for Mike Tirico to sling out random stats on every unknown player that gets anywhere close to the ball for the whole first half. In the second half listen for Tony Kornheiser being an old conceited fool.

That's all folks, and as hard as I just tried I don't think I even convinced myself to watch the game. This overall is a terrible matchup and even though it may turn into a good game it won't be because these are two good teams.

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