WWE Monday Night Raw Results: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

Joe McDonaldCorrespondent IIOctober 4, 2011

WWE Monday Night Raw Results: The Top 5 Questions Going Forward

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    After the Oct. 3, 2011 edition of Monday Night Raw, I felt very confused.  In fact, for weeks I feel like the fans have been given all questions and no answers when it comes to current WWE storylines.  When does the chaos and the confusion end?

    In this article, I examine a few questions I came up with while watching tonight's Raw.  I'd like to hear your opinion, but I also want to know where you see things going.  Let's build a good dialogue as to what direction you see the story going AND what direction you'd like to see the storyline go.

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When Did Lawsuits Become More Interesting Than Brute Force?

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    Lawsuits, grievances, complaints?  Pretty soon we are going to see a WWE Wrestlers' Union.

    I understand these “lawsuits” are not real, but instead of all this whining, I would rather see dominance.  Even though the heels own most of the championships right now, they all look fairly weak.  If you want to send a real message to Triple H, then jump him in the parking lot. 

    For months there has been speculation of a new “Super Stable” or the revival of the NWO.  Anyone remember how the New World Order came to be so successful?  They took what they wanted and sent a message to all of WCW.  The only message I see right now is that most of the heels look like babies.

    I know the goal is to get Triple H removed from his position as COO, but this feud between himself and everyone else is starting to feel very forced.  When I look back at past “executives,” General Managers or Commissioners, I do not see any difference in what they did compared to what Triple H is doing now. 

    So Trips forced a few people to be in matches they did not want to be in?  Vince McMahon, among others, did that routinely.

    I also enjoy the “unsafe working conditions” complaint.  Is this the first time a referee has been beaten up?

    Forget the matches, why don’t we just set up a courtroom in the middle of the ring and have Judge Judy settle this?

Why Were Your Top Faces Missing During the “Vote of Confidence” Segment?

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    This is such an obvious question but is has to be asked.  Where were the top faces?  Kelly Kelly, John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton and Sheamus were all MIA.  Why?

    How serious can I take a poll from the wrestlers when your top drawing stars are not present?  Do you think I care what Heath Slater thinks? 

    The only thing out of control in the WWE is the laziness of the writers.  Please do not insult the fans by putting a bunch of jobbers out there and act like the WWE superstars are united against Triple H.  I know Alberto Del Rio and Mark Henry were down there, but neither of them said a word.

    Instead we get Beth Phoenix telling us that the Divas are “girls” and are afraid something is going to happen.  Really?  Beth you could probably take half of the men’s roster.  Is that the best excuse Creative could come up with?  

    I did not need all of the faces out there, but with so many of them missing, it was too obvious.  Give the fans more credit.

Why did Jerry Lawler Lead the Wrestlers Up the Ramp?

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    So Jerry Lawler is the voice of the wrestlers and officials now? 

    Please do not take my criticism for Lawler as disrespect.  Honestly, he has meant a lot to wrestling in general for many decades and was a great commentator at the WWE for years.  His time is over as far as I am concerned.

    Lawler constantly being injected into mediocre storylines this year has made me shun him.  Why do I want to see a 62-year-old man get physical in the ring? 

    What really is beginning to annoy me is that the WWE is treating him like the greatest legend of all time.  As I stated before, Jerry was great for wrestling.  Let his merits stand on their own; do not shove him down our throats.

    When Jerry Lawler is the one who leads everyone in a walkout, I have a problem.  I kept repeating “why do I care what you have to say?”  Where are the biggest stars in the WWE?  Let them get on the mic and voice their opinion.

    I’m sorry, but the WWE dropped the ball here.  If you wanted an “Oh My God” moment out of me, you need someone more relevant to lead everyone up the ramp.  Not Jerry Lawler.

Why is CM Punk Being Lumped In With the Other Faces?

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    Contrary to what some choose to believe, CM Punk is the one who got us excited again about the WWE.  However, since Punk’s win at “Money in the Bank” his momentum has began to slow.  He has lost at two consecutive Pay-Per-Views and his character seems to be lacking a clear direction.  So what has the WWE begun doing?

    They throw him in with John Cena and the other faces.

    I will not proclaim that CM Punk is dead, but I do not like the fact that he has been lumped in with Cena, Sheamus and Air Boom.  Punk has risen in popularity because he was the anti-hero.  Maybe even the anti-Cena.

    CM Punk was a fresh choice in a stale WWE main event picture.  Instead of building on Punk’s momentum, the WWE has thrown him in with the other faces. 

    I am not some Punk fanboy, I just want to understand “why?”  If you set this “conspiracy” angle up to be the “Good Guys” vs. the “Bad Guys,” then Punk will be lost and overshadowed by John Cena, the Rock and Randy Orton.  It’s not because they are bigger than him, it’s because the WWE continues to push the same people instead of giving anyone else a chance.

    Unlike most, I am not calling for John Cena to be burned to a stake.  All I’m asking is for the WWE to recognize that Punk is NOT like the other faces.  He is attractive because he is different.  Do not try to assimilate CM Punk into one of the faces, because it will be a turn off to most fans.  He needs to be his own entity.

When will the Fans Get Answers Instead of More Confusion?

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    I am a fairly patient fan when it comes to allowing a storyline to play out before criticizing it.  That said, even I am having a hard time following everything right now.  The state of the WWE has become a cloud of confusion. 

    For months, the WWE has been playing out a storyline involving Kevin Nash, text messages, lawsuits, the Awesome Truth being fired and Triple H “losing control” of the WWE.  Every time we think something is going to be cleared up, the WWE twists in another direction. 

    At first this was great because it seemed exciting and new.  Now it feels like all we get are more questions every week.

    The WWE has an issue with closing storylines.  Who is the Anonymous General Manager?  Why was Kevin Nash involved in anything?  Why did Triple H and CM Punk end their feud after such a chaotic match ending?  Who is behind this conspiracy angle?

    I am not saying we should get answers all the time.  I enjoy the fact that the WWE is trying to develop storylines that take time to play out.  The problem is we have not gotten resolution with anything in months. 

    I am willing to let things play out, but eventually you need to clear up some questions.  We have had multiple Pay-Per-Views AND weeknight shows end in chaos and confusion. 

    When will a storyline finally climax?