Fantasy Football Week 5: Top 10 Touchdown Targets You Must Play

Joseph HealyCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2011

Fantasy Football Week 5: Top 10 Touchdown Targets You Must Play

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    Having players that pile up big yardage on your fantasy team is a good thing. That goes without saying. You'd rather have players that pile up yards than ones that don't.

    But let's be honest. That's not where your bread is buttered as a fantasy owner. Touchdowns are what you need to have a successful fantasy season. A touchdown can turn an otherwise mediocre day into a great day.

    Chasing those touchdowns can be frustrating. Scoring touchdowns is based on so much more than a player's talent. Their role in the offense and the offensive players around him are just as important.

    With all that in mind, the following 10 players are the biggest touchdown targets for this week.

Calvin Johnson- Detroit Lions

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    Calvin Johnson was made to score touchdowns, and he has been doing that in a big way so far this season. He has eight of them already.

    Johnson has the speed to run with any corner that tries to cover him, and he is strong enough that he can effectively box out opposing defenders that try to beat him to a jump ball.

    The Lions' upcoming game with the Bears isn't an ideal matchup for Johnson, but at this point, Johnson and the Lions are clicking so well that Johnson is going to score against any opponent.

Rob Gronkowski- New England Patriots

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    I can't imagine a tight end being a bigger part of a team's offense than Rob Gronkowski is in the Patriots' offense right now.

    Tom Brady is on pace to set the single-season passing yards record, and Gronkowski has been a big beneficiary of Brady's torrid season.

    Better yet, Brady clearly looks for Gronkowski when the team is down in the red zone.

    Don't be surprised if Gronkowski has a huge game this week even though they will be taking on a good Jets' defense. The downfield passing game will be most affected, but there should still be plenty of room for Gronkowski to work underneath and over the middle.

Scott Chandler- Buffalo Bills

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    The Buffalo Bills' offense has emerged as one of the better offenses in the league and tight end Scott Chandler is a big part of that.

    At 6'7", he is the ideal red-zone target. Fitzpatrick has taken advantage of that size on more than one occasion. Chandler has found the end zone four times this season.

    Chandler would be even more effective if it weren't for the presence of teammate Stevie Johnson. Johnson is so adept at turning shorter passes into big plays. He's bound to take some touchdowns away.

Owen Daniels- Houston Texans

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    Owen Daniels has been a really good receiving tight end in Houston for some time now, but he actually hasn't been much of a red zone target.

    This season, he has shown signs of being more of a threat to get into the end zone. He has three touchdown receptions already.

    If Andre Johnson misses any time with his hamstring injury, Daniels will be an even bigger threat at the goal line.

Jermichael Finley- Green Bay Packers

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    The Green Bay Packers' offense is really starting to take off and with it, Jermichael Finley is going to take off.

    Finley had gotten off to something of a sputtering start this season, but he came alive in a big way in Week 3 with three touchdowns.

    He came back to Earth in Week 4, but you have to feel like Finley has a great chance to come close to his Week 3 production on several occasions this season.

Tony Gonzalez- Atlanta Falcons

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    The Falcons' offense hasn't been as good as anticipated so far this season. On paper, they have an embarrassment on riches, but they haven't clicked yet.

    They haven't been utilizing the running game as much as they have in the past, but that actually works out better for Gonzalez.

    In their struggles, Matt Ryan has leaned on the veteran tight end. Gonzalez has four receiving touchdowns so far this season. I'm certainly not going to bet against him continuing that production.

Vincent Jackson- San Diego Chargers

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    After missing much of the 2010 season, Jackson is back to his old ways in 2011. Through four games, he has 20 catches, four of them for touchdowns.

    The best thing about Jackson is that the Chargers' offense hasn't quite come together yet. They still seem to be working themselves into top form.

    If Jackson has been so successful already, what can he do the rest of the way when the offense is in top form?

Jermaine Gresham- Cincinnati Bengals

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    Considering matchups are a big part of a player's output, Gresham is due for a good day this week against the Jaguars.

    The Jaguars haven't defended anyone well so far this season and the Bengals' offense, led by rookie quarterback Andy Dalton, is starting to get their legs under them.

    Gresham is the most established of Dalton's receiving targets, so I think he's the safest play to get you touchdowns this season.

Jimmy Graham- New Orleans Saints

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    Jimmy Graham has a lot going for him as far as fantasy owners are concerned. The Saints' offense is as good as they have been over these last several years. They have continued to put up points at a blistering pace.

    Better yet, Graham and the Saints have a good matchup this week. The Carolina Panthers' defense isn't terribly bad, but they can't be expected to slow down the Saints.

    Predicting which Saints' receiving target will get the red zone looks is tough, though. There are so many weapons on their offense that any one of them can be the big star in any given week.

Victor Cruz- New York Giants

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    I am firmly on the Victor Cruz bandwagon. What looked like a cameo for Cruz while Mario Manningham was on the shelf has turned into more of an extended stay.

    Cruz had six catches this week for 98 yards. With Manningham in the lineup. Cruz isn't going anywhere. He is simply too talented to cast aside now that others are healthy.

    What makes Cruz particularly dangerous in fantasy leagues is his ability to make big plays. He already has a 74-yard catch this season. When big plays like that happen, touchdowns can't be far behind.