WWE: How I Would Book the Conspiracy from Now Until Wrestlemania

Zach McCombsCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2011

Tonight's Raw on 10/3/11 is definitely going to be a must watch. With the events that happened last night at Hell in a Cell, we're looking at a good episode tonight.

Now with that being said, let's think on a larger scale, last week we saw David Otunga, Vickie Guerrero, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger, Cody Rhodes, and Christian confirm that they each want HHH removed from COO.

I feel that they each want a new power to come in and take over the day-to-day business operations of the WWE, and this man is John Laurinitis, who is the VP of Talent Relations.

Now picture this with all the events happening right now with John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, and CM Punk. HHH seems to not have things under control, and we all have the feeling that Laurinitis is pulling the strings so let's just say he is.

With Triple H beginning to lose power let's say Laurinitis gains more influence and secretly signs The Miz and R-Truth back to the WWE; he also will sign Kevin Nash back eventually.

While all this is going on things begin to get worse with Punk, Cena, and Del Rio—they all begin to believe in this conspiracy and they each want Triple H out, and over on SmackDown things aren't getting better; Mark Henry is starting to believe that the reason it took him 15 years to win the World Heavyweight Championship was because of this conspiracy and that he is willing to "take out" Triple H. This Sparks a feud between Trips and Henry.

In their first encounter (which would have to be at Vengeance) Mark Henry will be put over, the "Conspiracy Theorists" (that's what I'm calling them, can't think of anything else) will finally feel that this conspiracy is over, but now Triple H feels that he should bring back his friends who were a part of "The Kliq" so he calls up Shawn Michaels, X-Pac, and Nash (who's plotting against him) to assist him with this problem.

He will make sure that they keep people out of his rematch against Henry at Survivor Series. The two have a good match and eventually Henry's friends interfere, Triple H orders his friends to help him but they just stand there and smile. Nash gets in the ring and begins to attack Triple H, Shawn would then jump into the ring and hit "Sweet Chin Music" and Nash will then hit Hunter with a "Jackknife." John Laurinitis will then appear at the end of the show, laughing.

The Next Night on Raw Laurinitis and the rest of the group will gather in the ring and he will then tell the WWE Universe that HE has been behind everything and that he has had more power than everyone thought, he'll send a message on his phone and then the GM's Computer will ring and Cole will read "I am the Raw General Manager—John Laurinitis"  John will talk of how now that Triple H is out of the picture they are all ready to take over the WWE. However even though things look bad, CM Punk, John Cena, and Randy Orton are ready to fight for the WWE. These three claim that even though they have their differences they are willing to save the business at all cost.

Kevin Nash will then speak and tell them that it's only a matter of time before they have complete control of the WWE, they will hold all the gold, they'll win all the matches, they'll protect their own, and that if anyone wanted to join them they'd better join before its to late.

Later in the show we'll see Laurinitis talking to ADR about being the WWE Champion, he'll tell him that if he ever wanted to be a successful WWE Champion that he should know who he should fight with, and offers him to be the leader of the group. Being the WWE Champion, he agrees, solidifying himself as a heel and not willing to stand up for the WWE.

Cena, Punk, Orton and others are beginning to lose hope over the next few weeks.  It has been decided that Cena will be the No. 1 Contender for the WWE Championship, which causes dispute between him Punk and Orton, as each believes that he should be the one to save the WWE. This leads to a Triple Threat TLC match at TLC to determine the leader of the group and immediately following that match Del Rio will defend his title for an easy win.

Cena, Punk, and Orton each feel that because they can''t get along that it isn't working and that they should just do things on their own to stand up against this tyrant that has seized the WWE. Each of them wants the credit of picking up the scraps causing trouble for everyone in the WWE. Everyone is now in a faction or is defenseless because no one knows who they can trust because they don't know whose faction their in. This is all leading up to the Royal Rumble with men from each group. With all this going on messages pop up saying "Third Strike"

This is the Card going into the event 

John Cena Vs Alberto Del Rio WWE Championship Match

CM Punk Vs Randy Orton Vs Mark Henry NO DQ Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship

40 Man Royal Rumble Match

5 CM Punk Guys

5 Cena Guys

5 Orton Guys

25 Conspiracy Guys

1 Mystery Man

(Now I know that is a total of 41 but let me explain)

Throughout the event we will see all kinds of locker room brawls and attacks in the crowd and parking lot, in each of these we see one man in the back just staring, it isn't shown who he is or why he's there he is just there.

Towards the end of the Rumble we see the final participant (doesn't matter who) going towards the ring, he is all of a sudden attacked and the mystery man from earlier makes his way to the area, the lights go out and the clock counts down from five and we see a very familiar pose, we all know who he is, it's Chris Jericho! He has returned to save us from the Conspiracy Theorists! He enters the ring and clears house, he eliminates everyone in the ring and is declared the winner of the Royal Rumble.

Next Night on Raw Jericho enters the ring and tells everyone he's tired of how everyone has been out for themselves, he says that Cena, Punk, and Orton have each only worried about themselves and not the WWE. He invites them each to the ring and tells them this is bigger than all of them and that if they really want to save the WWE they must unite as one. They agree, and Jericho says we can't back down, he challenges ADR for the title at Wrestlemania saying that he will destroy him and this "Conspiracy Theory" once and for all.

Fast forward past all the attacks and main event matches and promos, we are now at the Raw event before the Elimination Chamber PPV, and The Rock has returned! He says he hasn't forgotten that he and Cena are about to collide at Wrestlemania and that he better be ready, Cena comes out there and a big fight breaks lose, Cena gets laid out by The Rock, he goes backstage furious asking where Jericho was to help him. Jericho said that he shouldn't have to fight his battles for him, he says Cena is acting different. Later in the Show we see Laurinitis go into John Cena's locker room. In the promo at the end to the match a tag match is announced between Jericho and Cena Vs. Del Rio and Henry.

At Elimination Chamber both sides gain serious ground. Orton and Punk win in their Elimination Chamber Matches while the Conspiracy finally wins all the Gold in the WWE. In the main event all hell breaks lose as both teams try their very best to absolutely destroy each other, but all of a sudden John Cena BETRAYS Jericho and joins the Conspiracy, making the WWE look absolutely hopeless to resist the Conspiracy.

The Next Night on Raw The Rock comes out to tell everyone that the WWE will succeed at Wrestlemania, he and Jericho will then end this conspiracy once and for all.

After all the commotion in the next few weeks things really heat up, Michaels says he will have one more match, and Nash says he will be in his corner. Rock wants a No DQ match, Jericho demands a One on One Match and Orton gets one final opportunity to regain the World Heavyweight Title.

This is the Wrestlemania 28 Card

R-Truth and Miz(c) vs Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston - Tag Team Championship Match

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs Zack Ryder - US Title Match

Cody Rhodes (c) vs Sheamus - Intercontinental Title Match

Mark Henry (c) vs Randy Orton - Lumberjack Match - World Heavyweight Title Match


X-Pac, Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara, Mason Ryan, Skip Sheffield, Christian, Jack Swagger, Ezekiel Jackson, Trent Beretta, Drew McIntyre, Big Show, Kane, JTG, Wade Barret, Heath Slater, John Morrison, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, THE UNDERTAKER(surprise member)

CM Punk vs Shawn Micheals w/ Kevin Nash 

The Rock vs John Cena - No DQ match

MAIN EVENT: Alberto Del Rio (c) w/ Ricardo Rodriguez, John Laurinitis ss Chris Jericho w/ ??? - WWE Championship Match

This is how it would go: Miz and Truth will win their match via pinfall, Ryder will finally win the US Title making it his first single belt, Rhodes will retain his title

Mark Henry will face Orton on the grandest stage of them ALL with the title on the line, all but Undertaker will be at the ring at this time

Both will have a great match with Orton being dominated at first, after he gets hit with the world's strongest slam the lights go out and, BONG! The Undertaker's music hits, the crowd goes wild as Taker makes his way to the ring to confront Henry, he enters the ring and attacks Henry, he hits Henry with the Tombstone and leaves the ring putting Ortons hand across Henry's chest...1,2,3 NEW CHAMPION! As Taker is leaving he turns around to look at Orton, he smiles at Taker, Taker responds by nodding and walking out of the WWE forever...

CM Punk vs Shawn Michaels, (ok buildup) after the events at Vengeance Shawn tells everyone that he will not be wrestling ever again and that he's only there to support the conspiracy, this angers Punk, and up until Wrestlemania he and Punk have some of the most amazing promos in history. Punk says that if Shawn really cared about the fans he would give them what they want and have one more match. Michaels accepts and says "They don't call me Mr. Wrestlemania For Nothin'!"

At the start of the match the two are having a great technical masterpiece of a match, wearing each other down, and it eventually becomes a brawl as it spills out of the ring, where Nash, who has been playing a great heel manager for Michaels, attacks Punk. The referee then takes Nash from the building and the match continues. It gets closer to the finish, both getting near falls several times, with Diving Elbow Drops and GTS's, when Michaals eventually goes for the flying forearm and accidentally hits the ref, who gets knocked out of the ring.

Nash comes running back towards the ring as Michaels begins to tune up the band, Nash is in the ring and throws up the sign for the Kliq, and then out of nowhere, SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON NASH! He then hits Punk as well, and goes for the pin, two count. Punk recovers and ducks a second kick only to hit Shawn with the GTS to pick up the win. After the match we hear Punk say, "You really are Mr. Wrestlemania." and they shake hands, and raise each others arms in victory.

The Rock vs John Cena is simple, this going to be a fight, it's an all out war, both men take all the chances in this match and more. There are several highlights such as the destruction of the announce table, superplexes, and finishers. Towards the end of the match John Cena has the upper hand, he's doing the five moves of doom to The Rock, he's going for the AA and Rock counters, and hits a Rock Bottom, he goes for the pin and Cena kicks out! He goes for another Rock Bottom only to get another two count, he hits one more and adds a People's Elbow to finally put John Cena away to prove who the best man really is.

Main Event:

ADR makes his way to the ring w/ the Leader and man behind it all John Laurinitis and awaits Chris Jericho's entrance. Jericho's music hits and he has a microphone in his hand he says to them, "If you think I'm about to go there by myself you're wrong, see I got someone back here who really wants to see you John, he is the WWE CHAIRMAN MR. MCMAHON!!!

The crowd erupts as Mr. McMahon makes his way to the stage and walks to the ring with Jericho, Jericho enters the ring and the ref calls for the bell and the match begins...

Both have a great match and just as Del Rio is about to win McMahon attacks Laurinitis and Del Rio puts Jericho in the Cross Armbreaker, just as Jericho is about to tap Triple H's music hits and he saves Jericho, hitting the Pedigree helping Jericho win and the conspiracy is finally over and all is well in the WWE again.

I'd really like to get everyone's opinion on this, I wrote it while watching RAW. It's my first article in about two months and I'm curious to how you all feel about this piece, so tell me how I did!


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