WWE Tribute: A Letter to the Charismatic Enigma, Jeff Hardy

Jon FisherCorrespondent IIOctober 4, 2011

Dear Mr. Hardy,

Where do I even begin? I remember when you debuted in the business with your brother Matt. At first, you jobbed at live events, but like future stars, you persevered and eventually created what we know as the Hardy Boyz.

As a kid, I was amazed at the things you could do. Just a Swanton Bomb was enough to make my eyes light up. Just like Edge and Christian, you lit up the TLC world with your crazy high spots.

I apologize if it sounds like a seven-year old is writing this, but that is the emotion I get from watching your matches. It seems like people of your stature don’t make it far in this business. A Shawn Michaels or Ricky Steamboat doesn't come around all the time.

People like you and Matt give hope for smaller guys like me to make it in this business.

Anyway, Jeff, I could go on and on about some of your brightest moments. Let’s reminisce, shall we?

Your first tag-team title reign. It didn't last long, but certainly stood out as a defining moment in your career. When you joined the New Brood, I swore that stable would've lasted a good bit. From a fan's perspective, that made great TV, just in that short time frame.

I already mentioned your shining moments at TLC matches from 2000 to 2002. There are way too many high spots to mention, you would probably throw away the letter from boredom.

From the New Brood to your feud with Brock Lesnar. Let me mark out here, after Brock F-5'd Matt, I prayed you would've defeated him at Judgment Day.

Granted, he was a Paul Heyman guy, I thought you had it won. Not such good luck as the "next big thing," you found yourself in singles competition, which was the start of the Jeff Hardy we know and love today.

As things became big for you, man, I have to highlight some of the bad. After your release from WWE in on my birthday no less (April 22, 2003), I didn't know what to think.

After all of the great times I watched you grace the stage with your energy, all of that became irrelevant after drug charges and reckless behavior. For a brief moment, Jeff, I wasn't a fan of yours.

Then 2006 came, coming back from a stint in the Indie circuit and TNA, you made the dramatic return to Raw. Don't call me a hypocrite, but I was as surprised as ever.

Interrupting one of my favorite superstars, Edge, was literally awesome. From that point on, you were in my fave five (not to quote Booker T). Speaking of Edge, did that spear while hanging on to the belt from the ladder hurt?

Kind of a rhetorical question, but I just want your reaction on that. Takes a real man to take that kind of hit while in mid-air.

Speaking of high-flying spots, remember that Swanton Bomb to Randy Orton from the top of the stage? Any true WWE fan remembers that fall. It did make the Top 50 OMG! moments of all time. I respected you even more for that moment.

Even your championship reigns, during your feud with Umaga, that Whisper in the Wind off the top of the cage? Breath-taking, Mr. Hardy.

My letter is coming to a close, but I did want to mention your title victories. I'll never forget your roll-up victory over Umaga or that first World Championship victory. Talk about a wrestler's dream. I've always wanted to hear that three-count and lift that title high.

You had the privilege of doing so numerous times. I commend you for that hard work. Which is truly a reason why you are one of my favorite wrestlers of all time. For someone who works so hard and receives his just desserts, I'm proud of you, Jeff.

As of now, things aren't so good. Your drug problems and arrests keep continuing. Your time in Impact was a great reign, but the WWE misses you. I miss you. It's hard to imagine one of my childhood heroes doing this to himself.

From an outside party, we want you back in a wrestling ring. That is where you belong, Jeff Hardy. From that moment in 2002 when the Hardyz music hit to that steel cage match with CM Punk that lost you your job, you will be that same charismatic enigma forever.

Please get clean and return soon. I haven't seen a Swanton Bomb in some time.


A beloved Hardy Boy.

Thanks for tuning into the second portion of my "Letter to" tribute series. I appreciate any feedback that I receive and will put it to good use. Take care, everybody!

"After we're done with you, you ain't never gonna wanna step foot in North Carolina again!” - Jeff Hardy