Andy Roddick Video: Watch A-Rod's Latest Temper Tantrum at Press Conference

Joseph HealyCorrespondent IOctober 3, 2011

At the ATP China Open this week, two bothersome trends continued for Andy Roddick.

For starters, he lost. He fell to Kevin Anderson, a tall, lanky South African by the score of 4-6, 7-5. Anderson is just the type of player that Andy Roddick used to dominate that he knows struggles with from time to time.

Anderson's big serve can match Roddick's point for point and his range in his return game keeps Andy from being able to get as many easy points off his own serve.

The second trend that continued was Roddick lashing out at reporters after his match. More often than not, I feel that Andy is out of line or at the very least, pushing the line. Too often, he punishes reporters and analysts for doing their job.

However, this time, I'm with him.

In his post-match press conference, Andy was asked if he was considering retiring. The reporter even mentioned "rumors" floating around that Andy would retire if his ATP ranking dropped below a certain point.

As you can imagine, Andy was not jumping out of his chair to answer that question. At first, he leaned his head back looking exasperated. Once the reporter had finished his question, Andy just rolled his eyes.

His response was short and sweet. He told the reporter, "I think you should retire."

With that, Roddick stormed out of the room.

The applause that he got on his way out shows that he wasn't alone in thinking that the question was ridiculous. The reporter was either looking to illicit a reaction or hadn't dealt with Andy Roddick before.

I'm honestly not sure why everyone is in such a hurry to push Roddick out the door.

Is his game slipping? Yes.

Is it disappointing that he hasn't won another Grand Slam event? Of course.

Are his days as a real contender at Grand Slams over? Probably so.

Does that mean he should just hang it up? Not at all.

The man is still a top-15 or 20 player. He had a really tough year in 2011 outside of a quarterfinal appearance at the US Open and he still managed to stay around the top-15.

Roddick can be difficult to deal with and you wish that maybe he could be a little more tactful with the media, but I think it's time everyone spends more time enjoying what tennis Andy has left and less time predicting the end of his career.