Celebrating Wrestling: The ECW's Top 50 "WWECW" Moments Under WWE

Ed_CapContributor IIIOctober 6, 2011

Celebrating Wrestling: The ECW's Top 50 "WWECW" Moments Under WWE

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    Hey there, Bleachers—I'm back, and this is "Celebrating Wrestling." I see B/R has been rebooted since my last visit back in February. Anyway, I'm here to take you all on a trip down memory lane. Back when the WWE cared about its 18-plus demographic.

    Yes, the time the WWE had ECW, from June of 2006 to February of 2010. 

    I was originally planning a top 100 list with the original ECW and WWECW moments combined, but having anything from the WWECW outranking an original moment feels wrong. So I brought to you WWECW's top 50 moments.

    Any original fan of ECW can agree that the WWE's incarnation of ECW was truly horrible. It was the corporate power milking the extreme cow. Sadly, the ECW format was never meant for the WWE. Vince McMahon's outfit was on a family-friendly plan, and ECW's ideal of blood, guts and gore was simply too much for WWE.

    It was generally the fans that suffered. We were treated to watered-down extreme matches, original wrestlers being released and Mike Adamle.

    But that one-hour show that aired on the Sci-Fi Channel (which later became "Syfy") did do some good, and even I'm surprised I was able to list 50 of them. So relax and enjoy my list of the 50 greatest moments of WWE's Extreme Championship Wrestling.

50. December to Dismember

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    How do you tell Paul Heyman, the father of ECW, that his brain child is dead? Simple, just air the worst PPV of the past decade under his banner. December to Dismember was the PPV to make or break the new ECW. Unfortunately, it broke them.

    It featured an elimination chamber match at its main event. The match utilizes all the high draws of the roster leaving the rest of the cards empty. So how do they fill those remaining slots? How 'bout Sylvester Terkay and Elijah Burke versus the FBI?

    People paid this PPV only to see Tommy Dreamer wrestle Daivari. The worst part is that Sabu, the spot maniac, was written off of the EC and was replaced with Hardcore Holly. It was truly a horrible PPV. Vince McMahon blamed the low buy rates on Paul Heyman and this caused a fall out between the two. Paul Heyman left WWE and decided he was done with wrestling for good.

    Highlights of this PPV involves Mike Knox throwing roses at Kelly Kelly's face and laying her out. Also, Bobby Lashley was crowned the new ECW champion.

    In my opinion, the decline of ECW started the night this PPV was aired. 

49. The Abraham Washington Show

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    On the dying days of ECW, the one hour show dedicated more than 15 minutes of its air time to Abraham Washington and his segment, the Abraham Washington show. A mock segment of those late night talk shows on TV. He even had a sidekick in Tony Atlas.

    This really irked me a lot because they could've gave that 15 minute of air time to something more meaningful like a Sheamus versus Finlay match. No, instead we had an FCW reject slowly killing ECW.

48. A Tale of a Jobber

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    Remember Colin Delaney? He was this underdog persona who was on a mission to get a contract to join the ECW roster. Sadly for him, the GM manager, Armando Estrada, doesn't want to give him a contract. He had to earn one and so we were treated to a lot of squash matches.

    He was beaten by Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry, the team of Miz-Morrison and even his mentor, Tommy Dreamer. His dream came true though when he was promised a contract if he can beat Armando himself on the 100th episode of ECW. A true underdog story.

    Months later he was released due to budget cuts. Living the dream.

47. Monster Mash

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    On a special Halloween edition of ECW, fans were treated to a Monster Mash Battle Royal. What is it, you ask? Well its a four man battle royal involving monsters of the WWE. The Big Red Monster, Kane. The Punjabi Giant, The Great Khali. The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry and a shirtless Big Daddy V.

    No more explanation needed. It was truly awful. You would ask yourself, who booked this match?

    Mark Henry won this. Watch the youtube video if you dare.

46. Ezekiel Jackson Crowned as Champion

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    The final episode of ECW had Ezekiel Jackson and Christian ending their feud. It was a special match for it was the very last extreme rules match at ECW for Christian's ECW title. 

    A decent back and forth match with Christian using a car door as a weapon. Everyone thought he would retain since it would be the last time the title would be used by the company. Shockingly, they did a swerve and had Jackson win the title. A strange push for Jackson. They went off the air with Ezekiel Jackson lifting the belt up in the air.

45. Colt Cabana as a Fairy

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    If there was ever an injustice done to professional wrestling, it would be WWE's misuse of Colt Cabana or Scotty Goldman as he was called in the WWE. 

    He was barely in any matches and spent the majority of his WWE run at WWE.com hosting his show "Good as Goldman". If he was in the ring, he was used as talent enhancement up until his last match with Umaga at Smackdown.

    Look at him. He clashed with CM Punk at ROH for petesakes.

44. Braden Walker

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    Remember Braden Walker? He was Chris Harris in TNA and was deemed for greatness during his run as one half of America's Most Wanted. He signed with WWE and things got a little screwy. Now there are a lot of people who has come and gone in ECW. There was Hurricane Helms, Shannon Moore, La Resistance, Francine, Big Guido, CW Anderson and yes, even Colt Cabana but none was sadder than the so called future of the industry. 

    Braden Walker lasted a record of three weeks with the company. He had no vignettes, immediately thrown to the wolves, wrestled Matt Hardy and James Curtis and was released. 

    It came and went like the pain felt from JBL's clothsline from Hell.

43. Shortest Title Match in WM History

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    Eight seconds. That's right. It took Kane, who got his title match mere seconds after winning a dark match battle royal at Wrestlemania 24, to win the ECW title from Chavo Guerrero in the fastest title match and the fastest Wrestlemania match in history.

    God, I feel sorry for Chavo. Being tossed in a feud with Hornswoggle, being Jack Swagger's eagle and being beaten at WM in mere eight seconds, I'm surprised he hanged on as far as he did.

    As for Kane, he slowly rose to main event status after this when he soon cashed in a briefcase to win the World Heavyweight Championship against Rey Mysterio.

42. Vince Is Extreme?

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    After the events of Donald Trump shaving Mr. Mcmahon's hair at WM, the boss started a feud with the ECW champion Bobby Lashley.

    At Backlash 2007, Vince won the ECW title in a 3 on 1handicap match against Lashley. He employed the help of his son and the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga to capture the gold. Truly a momentous moment for the land of extreme to have the owner of the company carry the gold.

    He defended the belt against Lashley in a 3 on 1 handicap match and later lose the belt to Lashley in a Street Fight at Extreme Rules.

    Vince would then proceed to his limo blowing up storyline and was presumably dead. You remember that moment? It was when he was forced to deliver a speech on Raw regarding Chris Benoit's death.

41. Mike Adamle

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    Ah yes, among the questionable decisions of the WWE involved Mike Adamle. He was ECW's announcer until he was revealed as Raw's new General Manager. He was absolutely worthless as a GM and was continuously poked fun of by fans and wrestlers.

    He once referred to Jeff Hardy as Jeff Harvey and kept messing up when he call matches.  Adamle called "WWE" just "WW". He called Tazz "The Tazz." He mispronounced names, couldn't call holds, and his announcing debut was generally regarded as one of the worst in the history of broadcasting.

    Paul Heyman once called him useless. I'm not kidding, the great evaluator of talent called this guy useless. Now if the guy who discovered Brock Lesnar and CM Punk calls you useless then you should probably take it to heart. 

    There were even rumors of Adamle being placed in ECW to destroy the product. As a joke once referred to Vince Russo who went to WCW and gave the poor promotion its short notice.

40. GTS

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    That's right, CM Punk debuted his salute to Kenta Kobayashi at ECW, the ever so painful GTS. The Go to Sleep.

    Did you know, this move once broke Snitsky's nose? 

39. Balls Looses Some Teeth

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    Speaking of broken noses, On the January 2, 2007 edition of ECW on Sci Fi, Mahoney had one of his front teeth knocked out during a match with Kevin Thorn.

    Did you guys saw that? Kevin Thorn must be made of bricks for him to do that. 

38. Mark Henry Gets Platinum

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    Mark Henry got his first championship after ten years when he nabbed the ECW title from Kane in an impressive triple threat match against Kane and The Big Show. 

    The title was soon redesigned when Theodore Long debuted a new belt. Instead of gold, the championship is made of platinum which sorta symbolizes the state of ECW itself. Its playing second banana to Raw and Smackdown. Its OK, I mean the tag belts are bronze so you get third place being tag champs.

    Henry would lose the belt to Matt Hardy mere weeks after the belt was redesigned.

37. The Gulf of Mexico Match

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    This specialty match has often been praised around the wrestling circuit. In an intense feud with Chavo Guerrero, CM Punk was given a title opportunity if he can defeat the ECW champ in a gulf of Mexico match. The object of the match is to throw your opponent in the gulf of Mexico. 

    CM Punk won the match after delivering a GTS to Chavo on the edge of the harbor and Chavo would fall in the water afterwards. Pure poetry.

36. Sabu and Mysterio

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    At One Night Stand 2006, the World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio defended his belt against the spot maniac Sabu. It was truly a dream match as we would witness these two ECW natives deliver some of the crazy spots they are known for.

    After a huge tornado DDT by Sabu on Mysterio, a medic called off the match much to the disdain of the audience. So the match was declared a no contest and we got a first taste of how WWE would screw ECW.

    Who knows when we will see these two brawl ever again. 

35. Hardy Boyz Reunite

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    Matt and Jeff would reunite after three years of being apart. Jeff made his exciting return to the WWE after three years of working with TNA. WWE reunited the Hardy Boyz at November 2006 in an episode of ECW going up against the team of Nunzio and Tony Mamaluke better known as the FBI.

    The match was average at best but seeing the brothers do what they do best is enough to make any wrestling smark squeal.  

34. Zack Ryder Debut

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    After his forgettable stint with La Familia, Zack Ryder came back to ECW sporting short hair, tanned skin, sunglasses, a headband, half-trunks/half-tights, and that stupid catch phrase. "Woo woo woo, you know it."

    He was a heel and did nothing more than job to people. He is noted for being Tommy Dreamer's final opponent on WWE which he won. 

    For some reason, people started to warm up to Zack Ryder. Long after the ECW brand closed, Ryder was sent to Raw, became a mentor on NXT and even got popular through his youtube web series " Z! True Long Island Story".

    Warms your heart, doesn't it?

33. Regal's Court

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    William Regal was a hot contender for Matt Hardy's ECW title. He never actually won the belt cause this guy just can't catch a break. Instead, he was nothing more than a stepping stone for Matt Hardy. 

    He, however, did something impressive when he got Vladimir Koslov and Ezekiel Jackson to form a stable with him. it was dubbed as Regal's Court. Even though the stable didn't last, they did put a wrinkle on Matt Hardy's title reign making us believe that Regal can actually nab the platinum belt from Matt Hardy.

32. Kurt Angle and Randy Orton

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    It was not so long ago that Kurt Angle was part of the ECW roster upon its conception. He never appeared on the program but he did wrestle in ECW's pledging PPV which is One night Stand 2006. He was to settle his feud with Randy Orton in the opening match up of the PPV.

    It was a sleeper of a match as Kurt Angle deliver more than ten german suplexes to The Legend Killer. He ultimately won the match and soon quit WWE. He states the road schedule was hurting him and WWE refused to let Angle take time off.

    Undoubtedly the biggest loss of the WWE next to Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero.

31. Test Hates Head

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    Test was part of the ECW roster upon its launch and in a one night only match, he took on Al Snow who is an ECW original. I believe it was Test's debut match in ECW and it kinda breaks my heart that AL Snow was squashed by Andrew Martin.

    If Test had stuck around, he would've been WWE champion no doubt. I mean Edge did it and even Christian. Those three where mid cards not so long ago.

    Check the video at 2:53. An awesome heel moment indeed.

30. Shannon Moore Meets Punk

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    Speaking of heel moments, remember when Shannon Moore was a reject. 

    Well he came to bring sexy back. Take a look at how CM Punk responded.

    The. Best. ECW Promo. Ever.

29. Jack Swagger

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    Jack Swagger had ihs humble beginnings on ECW and no other superstar was built for stardom quite like Jack Swagger. A huge prospect by Jim Ross, Swagger captured the ECW title quite early from Matt Hardy. He laid people out using his gut wrench powerbomb finisher.

    This guy had background in amateur wrestling, technically sound and agile as hell. Jack Swagger was simply awesome. He made quick work of Matt Hardy and debuted in an impressive showing against Tommy Dreamer. 

    The WWE botched his World Championship Reign but no matter, his path to another one is not far behind.

28. Cane on a Pole Match

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    Vince Russo lives. Item on a pole match is cursed as being the worst specialty match ever having generated nothing but awfulness. For example, The Calgary Kid versus Eugene in a Contract on a pole match. The Rock and Mankind in a Pink Slip on a pole match and the ever so awful, Judy Bagwell on a pole match.

    ECW tried to add to that when they featured a Singapore Cane on a pole match featuring Matt Striker and you guessed it, The Sandman.

    The match is so-so but the best part of the match is when Sandman wailed on Striker hitting him with the Cane multiple times. Even making Striker bleed on the forehead. 

    The match ended in a no contest when Striker left the match horrified seeing his own blood.

27. Cena in an Extreme Lumberjack Match

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    Can you believe John Cena can win in a match against Sabu? 

    WWE once did an angle where Cena was up against the ECW roster. He faced the spot maniac Sabu and we were all led to believe he can defeat Sabu. I really wish wrestling wasn't planned in advance as I would love to see SuperCena actually try to face Sabu no strings attached.

    What made this match special was the lumberjacks surrounding the ring. Viscera, Trevor Murdoch, Lance Cade, Rob Conway, Snitsky, Matt Striker, Charlie Haas, Val Venis, Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, Stevie Richards, Little Guido Maritato, Roadkill, Danny Doring, Justin Credible, Al Snow, and The Sandman.

26. Two Consecutive Less Than a Minute Matches at Summerslam

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    At Summerslam 2008, Matt Hardy took on Mark  Henry for the ECW championship. He got a twist of fate and captured gold in 33 seconds.

    At Summerslam 2009, Christian defended his championship against William Regal in 9 seconds.

    Really? What the hell, WWE?

25. Matt Hardy's Title Run

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    Matt Hardy's career in the WWE has been stagnant ever since he ended his feud with MVP for the US title. His ECW championship run gave the dusty mid card superstar a chance to showcase his talents one more time.

    His finest moment was when he was crowned champion after winning a Championship Scramble match for the title.

    This is probably the closest Matt can reach by the look of his career by now. yet his brother has tasted gold on two different promotions. 

24. Kelly Kelly Extreme Expose

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    Kelly Kelly got her start in ECW. A hot girl given air time to do nothing but dance and take some clothes off. Embodying those girls that came before her. Pioneers like Kimona Wanalaya and Francine. Any fan can appreciate what WWE did back then.

    Unfortunately even they ruined this simple joy by adding more girls, having them managed by The Miz and making it less interesting. Only WWECW can do that. 

    Times have changed too. Who could ever predict that Kelly Kelly would lead the divas division?

23. The Singapore Cane Match

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    Remember this match?

    At ONS 2008, ECW held a Singapore Cane match featuring CM Punk, John Morrison, Tommy Dreamer, Chavo Guerrero and The Big Show.

    Sure the Singapore Canes were weak as Colin Delaney but it was still a moment of extreme. Then in the middle of the match, The Big Show received a black eye and deep gash along the eyebrow which required stitches after John Morrison swung a Singapore cane to his knee which caused Show to fall with the steps. As he fell, the steps accidentally moved to the right which hit Show in the eye.

    He went berserk and decimated everybody. That win earned him a title match with Kane and Mark Henry which Henry won.

22. Bourne to Fly

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    Matt Sydal debuted to the WWE in ECW and fans were introduced to Evan Bourne.

    I'm sure you're soul left your body when you saw Bourne connect with a shooting star press. I've seen Billy Kidman's version and it was awesome. Evan Bourne's was double that. 

21. Be Jealous

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    ECW gave birth to Miz-Morrison. Two superstars who was suffering in mid card teamed together to form an awesome force. To this day, people still ask who was the Marty Janetty in this duo. Who do you think?

    Miz--Morrison captured tag team gold and was pushed significantly. They had a fantastic feud with DX, became Slammy Award winners, and gave birth to the Dirt Sheet. The greatest tag team of the PG Era for sure. 

20. DX in ECW

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    Shawn Micheals: So this is it?

    Triple H: Bingo!

    DX was set to fight the ECW champion, The Big Show, in a handicap match. For the first time, the team of DX graced the ECW ring. A very special moment indeed.

    I love this match even though its not the best we've seen between all three wrestlers. But the presence of Paul Heyman, his bodyguards (The Basham Brothers) and Hardcore Holly made this match really special.

    Besides, when will we ever see Hardcore Holly in the ring with Shawn Michaels?

19. Sandman and His Cane

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    Throughout the entire run of ECW, Sandman was tasked to do only one thing. That is to cane anyone and everyone he sees. His persona and his cane was one of the special remnants of the original ECW so I'm happy they let him do what he do best.

    He caned Eugene at ONS. He caned Kelly Kelly, Macho Libre, a priest and my personal favorite: the zombie at the very first episode of ECW.

18. Tommy Crowned Champ

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    Perhaps the last time Tommy Dreamer will taste championship gold. This angle was worked beautifully. Tommy Dreamer did a promo that if he doesn't get the ECW championship before his contract expires then he would no longer wrestle for ECW. This struck a cord with fans since Tommy Dreamer is the only remaining original in the roster. 

    After continuous failed attempts at chasing the title,Tommy Dreamer was granted one more match against ECW champion Christian and Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules. Dreamer pinned Jack Swagger capturing his second ECW Championship almost a decade after he claimed the title in the original ECW. Tommy Dreamer celebrated with the fans and it was truly a beautiful moment.

17. Tommy E. Dangerously

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    At the Halloween edition of ECW, the same place the Monster Mash was held, Tommy Dreamer had a match with Nunzio in an extreme rules match.

    Nunzio came out dressed as a vampire while Tommy Dreamer appeared wearing a black cap, black coat, and an ID pass. The same attire Paul Heyman is known for. 

    You can hear Tazz wanted to say "It's Heyman" but since dear Paul is no longer affiliated with the company, his name can't be mentioned. Tazz keep playing it dumb saying "Who is that guy? What's he wearing?" It was a treat hearing the announcers try to guess who he was trying to be.

    The match isn't that special though but Tommy did win after throwing a pumpkin pie to Nunzio.

16. Chris Benoit's Last Match

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    Chris Benoit's draft to ECW opened a lot of new doors for the company. The rabid wolverine opening a can of whoop ass on all those new talents is definitely a rating booster. On June 19, 2007, Benoit wrestled his last match, defeating Elijah Burke in a match to determine who would face CM Punk for the vacated ECW World Championship at Vengeance.

    It's a solid match worthy of a last one. Elijah Burke was able to match Benoit's pace and Benoit carried Burke beautifully.

    The moments after this match rattled the wrestling industry. WWE was mauled by the media and this pushed the PG era more heavily. No more steroids, chair shots to the head, flying headbutts and Benoit was completely erased from existence.

15. RVD: It Spins

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    RVD is the first wrestler to have the honor of having both the WWE championship and the newly revived ECW title awarded to him not long after. He was given a chance to abolish the WWE belt but decided to keep it because it spins.

    This was one of the finer moments of the early ECW.

14. Ric Flair with Thumbtacks and Barbwire

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    Ric Flair in ECW is three words no one ever thought would put together. The Nature boy accepted a challenge of The Big Show for the ECW championship under extreme rules and it was a very special moment indeed. It was huge around its time as two veterans lock horns in ECW. Its amazing.

    While a bloodied up Flair is no longer a treat, it was back in 2006. Flair unleashed everything on Show. The crowd was chanting "ECW" when Flair was raking Show with barbwire in the head and cheered wildly when Show landed on a bed of thumbtacks. 

    But Flair was no match for the giant who Show defeated after a cobra clutch. The best part is that this was on free TV. Nuff said.

13. Three Extremists and Edge

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    The One Night Stand 2006 featured an ECW classic that would fit perfectly among anything done back in the bingo halls. Mick Foley and Edge, who delivered a spectacular hardcore match at wrestlemania, decided to team up and become co-holders of the Hardcore title belt. They had an angle with Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk over the meaning of "extreme".

    We had an intergender six man tag match with Mick, Edge and Lita against Dreamer, Fuk and Buellah McGullicutty at ONS where Edge pinned Beullah McGullicutty with a missionary style pin. This match had it all from tables covered with barb wire, a 2x4 covered in bardwire and blood everywhere. It was definitely extreme.

12. The Rise of John Morrison

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    Johnny Nitro was coming to his own after MNM broke up and he find his stride in ECW after winning an impromptu ECW championship match against CM Punk. He was the sudden replacement for Benoit who no showed the PPV.

    This win gave rise to the Shaman of Sexy, the Tuesday Night Delight and that awesome slow motion entrance. Yes, the birth of John Morrison.

    Among the greatest feuds of ECW involved Morrison and Punk who gave the title its deserved respect as a prestigious title.

    Also remember  Morrison's 15 minute of fame matches? I miss those.

11. South Philly Screwjob

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    In the hometown of ECW, RVD faces off against new comer The Big Show. In a stroke of genius, Paul Heyman went heel when he refuses to make the three count after RVD hits his Five Star Frog Splash. Heyman then instructed Big Show to chokeslam Van Dam onto a steel chair, before making the three-count. 

    The fans was cooked that night because their hero, RVD, lost. The fans almost rioted when Big Show became the ECW World Champion, throwing drinks and empty cups into the ring, as Heyman and Big Show celebrated.

    This gave rise to a very dominant Big Show and the heel run of Paul Heyman. For the fans to react so strongly is something the WWE can never do again, for sure.

10. A Steel Cage for Umaga

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    While the whole involvement of the McMahon's in ECW and his title run are universally remembered as the moment when ECW truly died the second time, this is one moment during this angle that echoes the original ECW. Sure it is obviously gimmicked, but it was unsuspected and was beautifully done.

    Bobby Lashley was pushed so high it was crazy. He was did so much in his short run in the company. Being US champ, ECW champ, breaking the master lock, being involved in a high profile feud with Vince Mcmahon and participating in the Hair vs Hair match at Wrestlemania.

    This was also the night where Bobby Lashley defeated Hardcore Holly in less than five minutes.

9. Christian Returns to the WWE

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    It was no news that Christian was returning to the WWE. What makes this memorable was the angle they did on Smackdown. Jeff Hardy was in a feud with Edge and was attacked by an unknown assailant. Fans speculated Christian to debut as that assailant and rock the WWE with an E and C reunion.

    WWE did a huge swerve by revealing Matt Hardy as the attacker and fans felt cheated. What happened to Christian? He debuted on ECW immediately feuding with the champion, Jack Swagger.

    His placement in ECW is highly debated as the TNA treatment of Vince to those stars coming from TNA but it doesn't matter. Christian worked his ass off and rose through the ranks. He captured gold recently even though it was surely over due. 

8. CM Punk Debut

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    The greatest thing the WWECW ever did was introduce us to CM Punk. He fought ECW original Justin Credible in his debut match and has since been a force to be reckoned with. I personally love Punk because he wasn't a "farm" superstar of the WWE. He built his style wrestling in Japan and in ROH making his skills much more better than any farm raised superstar.

    His straight edge lifestyle was highlighted upon his debut. It was fairly original and it wasn't just a gimmick for Punk.

    Punk is now a main eventer in Raw being one of the most outspoken superstars of the roster. All of that started in ECW baby!

7. Vince Shuts ECW Down

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    2/2/10, Vince Mcmahon appeared on ECW and made a huge announcement. He was pulling the plug on the extreme show and replacing it with a brand new one. Everyone who heard that announcement breathe a sigh of relief.

    This is so historically important. The show is unrecognizable compared to the original ECW, its gotten to the point where it is unrecognizable compared to the first few shows in WWECW incarnation. All its edge is lost and it has turned into a quasi-development territory. If it wasn't for the brilliance that is Christian the show would be unwatchable. May you rest in peace ECW and this time for Good.

6. Hardcore Is Hardcore

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    Hardcore Holly and RVD had a match in ECW. During the match, RVD suplex Holly in a table setup outside the ring. It was botched badly as Holly received a huge cut on the back. It bled badly and if it was any other guy, I bet he would let the match end then and there.

    Hardcore hang on and it was painful watching the match go on. He went on to wrestle ten more minutes with RVD and you gotta appreciate that. It showed some of the heart the performers of the original ECW had, and gave us some hope that ECW would be different from the rest of the WWE.

    Makes you wonder what would happen if WWE never went PG. If only...

5. New Versus Original

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    This was the best feud to ever come out of ECW. An arrogant collection of young stars of ECW decides to take over. Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, Matt Striker and Marcus Cor Von teamed up to create The New Breed who wanted to spread the word that ECW is in a new era.

    Of course those who built ECW didn't back down. The Sandman, Sabu, RVD and Tommy Dreamer feuded with the New Breed calling themselves The Originals. This feuded culminated in a four man tag match at Wrestlemania.

    Yes, no one ever thought Sabu, Sandman or Tommy Dreamer would be booked in Wrestlemania but it happened. Though it wasn't a spectacular match, it was a fun watch. RVD won the match for the orginals after pinning Matt Striker.

    But the feud reached it highest when The New Breed faced The ECW Originals in an extreme rules match after their fight at WM.It was like ECW 99 all over again. They weren't shy with weapons, the match was fast paced and the crowd went nuts after every spot. This match ended with a brutal Elijah Express to Sabu over a table.

    Also, remember when Marcus Cor Von pounced the living daylights out of Sabu? Yeah, this feud had it all.

4. The Last Extremist

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    Tommy Dreamer asked for his release in the WWE and he had his last match against freaking Zack Ryder. Around the time, Dreamer is the last ECW original in the roster and its certainly significant when "the heart and soul of ECW" is leaving the one thing he loves most. 

    His last promo was emotional and it sure is sad seeing Dreamer leave ECW.  This was an excellent promo with the "Heart and Soul of ECW" showing what that he lived and died with that promotion. Not many wrestlers now could cut a promo that heartfelt and real and still be taken seriously,
    yet Dreamer accomplished it. It was good to see that WWE wasn't above giving one of the true good guys in the business a proper sendoff.

3. Big Show and Batista Main Event

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    I think everyone got the memo that ECW is truly screwed when two WWE superstar wrestled in the land of extreme. Batista versus the Big Show was panned by the crowd and ECW fans are vocal if they hate the product. They loathe this one as they even got creative with the chants.

    Even the commentators, Joey Styles and Tazz, played with the crowd and half assed the commentary.

    ECW never came back to the Hammerstein Ballroom and for good reason. I can't imagine how the fans would react if they got a taste of the dying moments of ECW. Vance Archer versus Yoshi Tatsu, Oh god.

2. John Cena in the Land of ECW

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    ECW One Night Stand had two main event featured. One is the hardcore tag team match between Foley and Edge versus Dreamer and Funk. The other one is RVD cashing in his Money in the Bank against John Cena's WWE title. 

    Here's the fun part. We are in the home of ECW and everyone was on RVD's side. The fans made sure their support was heard but more importantly, the want their hate for John Cena to echoes throughout the Hammerstein Ballroom.

    The look on SuperCena's face is priceless as he gets no support from the fan. Though seeing him use that heat and play with the crowd like Jericho would be is much better. SuperCena just ignored it and continue on with the match. His five moves of doom was welcomed with a "Same old sh*t" chant. His T Shirt was thrown back to him.

    There was no kid cheering for Cena that night or if there was, they couldn't be heard. RVD won the match after Edge speared Cena through a table and Paul Heyman counted the three.

    My favorite part was the fan sign saying "If Cena wins, we riot."

1. A Night of Extreme

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    It was truly the greatest moment of ECW. After its doors closed in 2001, people was certain that the era of extreme was over. Unfortunately, a lot of fans was still craving extreme and with the rousing success of the documentary "Rise and Fall of ECW" fans were re educated about the amazing moments that was created down in Philadelphia. 

    Thus, ECW One Night Stand was created and we were reunited with extreme. There were so many moments in this PPV that simply makes it the number one moment of ECW.

    1. As you can see, Paul Heyman's shoot promo that is simply the greatest promo ever.

    2. Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka's feud revived.

    3. The ECW roster beating up Eric Bischoff

    4. Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero's feud revived

    5. And lastly, the main event featuring Tommy Dreamer/Sandman against The Dudley Boys (who were in TNA at these moment in their career)

    Truly the greatest PPV of WWE and yet a majority of the people involved was ECW originals. The success of this PPV led to the birth of the Extreme Rules PPV and the revival of the ECW brand. I guess you can say, this PPV started it all. If it wasn't for this PPV, the other 49 entries would never have happened.


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    It's been a rough ride for the reincarnation of ECW. It truly was not meant to be. ECW died in 2001 and it never should've been revived. But despite the PG overhaul, the complete screwjob over ECW originals, the watered down hardcore matches and the slow transformation of the ECW show to a semi developmental show, it had its moments.

    Yes, its moments. 50 of them and they were all awesome. 

    Thank you guys for reading.