Let's Not Call for Ted Thompson's Head Just Yet

Mike CraigCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

Come season's end, the Packers will most likely not be in the playoffs. They are in a division at this point in time where they can still win. However, this team does not seem to have the same energy it did last season to pull that off.

The month of November was not friendly to the Green Bay Packers. In Week Nine, the Packers visited Tennessee and almost made them lose their first game of the season. Instead, the Packers lost in overtime 19-16.

Week 10, the Packers traveled to Minnesota to play the division rival Vikings. It was a different Viking's team than earlier in the season. The Packers would eventually lose the game 28-27, regardless of the fact that they scored two touchdowns in the matter of a minute or less.

Week 11 brought their only win of November, as they demolished the Chicago Bears in Green Bay. Ryan Grant had his best game of the season and second best game of his career. The Cheese Heads won 37-3.

Then came a game that brought all of the Rodgers' haters back out of their little shells they crawled under. The Green Bay quarterback threw three interceptions in a game that they would lose 51-29. The New Orleans Saints played a full 60 minutes of football, while the Green Bay Packers only played 30 minutes of football.

This bring up Week 13, where they had the game. Aaron Rodgers led the team down the field for a comeback. Ryan Grant was sidelined with a thumb injury. Brandon Jackson stepped up and put a spark in the running game. However, both their efforts were for nothing as the Pack fell for 35-31.

So what does that mean for the 5-7 Packers? The Chicago Bears are above them at 6-6, while the Minnesota Vikings lead the NFC North with their 7-5 record. Is it really a long shot that they could still win the NFC North? No, it really is not. Let me explain.


Week 14

Minnesota Vikings—With an easy game coming up in Week 14, expect to see the Vikings hold onto that lead as they travel to Detroit. After Week 14, the Vikings will be 8-5, no doubt.

Chicago Bears—This game is a little bit more questionable. Depending on which Jacksonville team shows up, the Bears most likely will win this one. Increasing their record to 7-6.

Green Bay Packers—Statistically speaking the Packers should win their game in Week 14. The Houston Texans are not as good as they should be. If the month of December can be friendly to the Pack, perhaps you will see that the Texans are still the Texans after all, causing the Packers to go to 6-7


Week 15

Minnesota Vikings—Again, on the road the Vikings will travel to Arizona this time. The Cardinals are 4-1 at home. The only team to beat them at home was the Giants. The only time the Cardinals are bad is when they travel to the East Coast (as shown in Week 13). This will more than likely be a loss for the Vikings. This would make them 8-6.

Chicago Bears—After watching the way the Saints demolished the Packers and how bad the Bears are playing right now, this is an easy one to decide. Bears become 7-7.

Green Bay Packers—Same case as for when the Bears play the Jaguars. If Green Bay loses this game, their shot at winning the North becomes even more unlikely. However, it is the Jaguars. Say they win and increase to 7-7. They are now in second place in the NFC North because of tie-breakers.


Week 16

Minnesota Vikings—They have yet another hard game. Who would have thought that the Atlanta Falcons would be where they are right now? Michael Turner and Matt Ryan seem to have been on fire all season. Vikings go to 8-7.

Chicago Bears & Green Bay Packers—Is this one really that hard? Perhaps the Packers wins and the way they play at Soldier Field are a little inconsistent, but the play of the Bears at this moment in the season is not that good either. Bears become 7-8 while the Packers become 8-7.


Week 17

Minnesota Vikings—Now, even if the Vikings only lose one of those two games that I said they would, they are screwed when it comes to this week. They play the New York Giants. That is yet another loss, dropping Minnesota down to 8-8. Even if they did win, Green bay would win the tie breaker, and I will explain why when I get to the Packers.

Chicago Bears—Not that it really matters anymore. The Bears could win or lose this game. Being that it is Houston, it could go either way. For sake of Houston sucking, Bears go 8-8.

Green Bay Packers—Their last opponents of the season are the Detroit Lions. Now, if the Vikings go 9-7, the Packers have to win this game. If the Vikings go 8-8, this game doesn't matter. Because of division record, Green Bay has the best one out of all three of these teams.

End result is, the Packers would win the NFC North. So do not start losing hope JUST yet Packers fans.


Even if the Packers do not make it to the playoffs, this season was not a waste. We all got to see how Aaron Rodgers would play, and so far what he has put out on the field, it looks pretty good.

That being said, Ted Thompson should have one more season of a chance to build the team to Rodgers' strengths. Let's leave Mr. Thompson's head on his shoulders for one more season, shall we?