Daily Haze: Week 5 Waiver Wire Adds

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Daily Haze: Week 5 Waiver Wire Adds

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Fantasy leagues now are four weeks into the regular season and the NFL season in a quarter of the way to the finish line. Each week continues to produce A-list talent on the waiver wire.

This week’s candidates:


Tarvaris Jackson, Seahawks [319-3-2; 2-16]
Deep — really deep — leagues only. Could be a decent bye week replacement with the right matchup.

Alex Smith, 49ers [291-2]
Same as above. Consider Smith a bye week replacement only.

Running Backs

Stevan Ridley, Patriots [10-97-1; 1-3]
Coming out party. I suggested you add this guy already. Now he is going to be one of the most popular adds this week.

Ryan Torain, Redskins [19-135-1]
Mike Shanahan strikes again. Sorry, Tim Hightower owners.

Isaac Redman, Steelers [6-40; 1-12]
Predicted he would be the waiver wire add of the year. Might get his chance with Rashard Mendenhall dinged.

Kendall Hunter, 49ers [9-38; 2-62]
11 touches, 100 yards. He is going to get work going forward to keep Frank Gore fresh.

Wide Receivers

Laurent Robinson, Cowboys [7-116]
With Miles Austin out, Robinson could be the WR to step up next to Dez Bryant.

Antonio Brown, Steelers [5-67]
Brown has clearly passed Emmanuel Sanders as the No. 3 WR in Pittsburgh.

Michael Crabtree, 49ers [5-68]
There was a Crabtree sighting in Philly yesterday.

Victor Cruz, Giants [6-98]
I did not think Cruz was legit, but now he did it with Mario Manningham in the lineup.

Tight Ends

Jared Cook, Titans [2-93-1]
Someone has to fill the Kenny Britt void, Cook tried to do it in one play.

Jermaine Gresham, Bengals [4-70-1]
Andy Daulton is not terrible and relies on A.J. Greene and Gresham.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • Chris Johnson finally topped the 100-yard rushing mark for fantasy owners in Week 4 against Cleveland. But the first three weeks were pretty painful as he got off to a very slow start. Read about some other top running backs who got off to slow starts. [The Big Lead]
  • Feel bad for all those Tim Hightower owners. I actually liked Hightower a good deal this preseason but was unable to grab him in any leagues during fantasy drafts. Glad I did not now. Mike Shanahan strikes again as Ryan Torain went off in Week 4. Good luck picking the right starting running back in Washington from this point forward with Hightower, Torain, Roy Helu and whoever they pull off the street now in the mix. [Roto Arcade]

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