WWE: 5 Worst Names in Tag Team History

Brent Turner@@BrentTurner1Correspondent IIIOctober 3, 2011

WWE: 5 Worst Names in Tag Team History

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    Somehow, the tag team division in wrestling has changed over the last 10 years to the point where it does not have a clear purpose, and many times is used only as a filler on the weekly shows.  

    The Road Warriors, the New Age Outlaws, Demolition.  All of these names instantly bring back memories of great teams in the ring, and most casual wrestling fans can remember the success that those teams had.  The name symbolized greatness, and we saw greatness in the ring.  

    The problem recently is that teams are thrown together to see what will stick and what might be successful. Sometimes the idea is to take two average singles wrestlers and try them out as tag partners and hope for the best.  Yes, this is how many tag teams were formed in the past, but currently it seems forced.  

    As always, let me know what you think, and add any comments you might have.  

Air Boom

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    I started off with what I feel is the worst of the bunch.  The reason I believe that is because of the goofy personalities that are involved in the team.  Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston are two of the young high-flyers in the WWE today, but this teaming is just cheesy.  The way they come out and play to the crowd as if they are everybody's favorites just wears me out.  

    One of the things that bothers me about them is that they always seem as though they are having a great time.  That is fine if you want to reach the kids in the audience, but I do not think that their appeal is going to last over time.  I must give them some credit, as they have at least worked together to form a respectable tag team and have maintained that for awhile.

    But, Air Boom, seriously?

Brain Busters

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    This one really hurts me to have these guys in the list because of everything they did for the Four Horsemen.  But the average fan knew that this name was stupid and had no business being applied to these two legends.  

    Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard are two of the greatest legends to have entered the squared circle, but someone dropped the ball when assigning names to tag teams in the late 1980s.  What makes the video even worse was that they were facing Strike Force at WrestleMania V, which may be the only match in wrestling history to have two of the worst tag team names in history in one match.  Spoiler: Strike Force will not be found on this list.  

    Boring name aside, the Brain Busters were a very sound, technical group that displayed a classic style of wrestling, and they worked well together as a tag team.  Many of the tag teams today could watch old clips of the Brain Busters and learn what it takes to be a successful tag team.

Ding Dongs

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    I am still not sure what person in creative allowed this team to happen, but hopefully that person did not stay employed very much longer within the company.  These two seem to be something you would see in a back-alley Vegas act, but somehow they got lost and found their way to WCW over the years.

    What made it even worse is that these guys were not very good in the ring.  A good tag team can make me forget about the bad name, but to mix your bad name with bad talent?  That is just guaranteed for failure as a tag team.  

    Wrestling masks are hardly used anymore in mainstream wrestling, but I must admit it was always a little exciting to find out who was under the mask, so the part of the video of the Skyscrapers removing the masks of the Ding Dongs kept me interested for a little bit.

Natural Disasters

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    What started out as a dominant tag team soon became a gimmick that was stale and boring.  There is no way that this team would succeed in the world of wrestling today.  The physical stature of each of these guys was built on intimidation, but they do not fit the mold of today's wrestlers, and it is obvious why it wouldn't work.

    Typhoon and Earthquake seem as if they are the type of guys that you would see each weekend at the local armory trying to catch one more bit of success in front of an audience of about 154 people.  This match with Dibiase's bunch shows the extent of their success with the WWF.  I think it is safe to say that we will not be seeing this type of style of these teams for awhile.

The Spirit Squad

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    The worst part of this name is that it was made up of five male cheerleaders doing pretty much what you would expect from a group such as this.  The beginning of this video shows you how crazy they were in the ring, and solidifies everything wrong with male cheerleaders.  It would have been acceptable had their group included some cute girls that could also wrestle.

    Somehow, Dolph Ziggler made his way to the upper level of programming on WWE and has had a decent run.  However, this was during the time in WWE when it seemed as if the creative department was just scribbling ideas down and seeing what worked or hoping something would work. 

    That being said, this bunch did include some athletic guys that could do some pretty decent moves.  Oh well—they were still male cheerleaders.  

Conclusion...and Honorable Mention

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    Thanks for reading...this was a difficult article because there were so many to choose from, and I did not want to drag the list out just to offer my opinion when so many of you are willing to share.  

    Here are some others that I almost included:  La Resistance, Killer B's, Legion of Doom (with Heidenreich), Beer Money, Motor City Machine Guns and the list can go on and on.  

    As always, leave your comments and feel free to add any names and links that you might have!