Reality Sets In: The New York Football Giants Are Super Bowl Champs

Mike DoyonCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2008

First and foremost, I do not want to discredit any member of the New York Giants, including Eli Manning.

They played the best game of their collective lives on Sunday, and they deserved to win the Super Bowl.

Eli's drive in the final minutes of Super Bowl XLII was nothing short of miraculous. Nobody expected him to march 80 yards down the field, eating up the Patriots secondary and defensive line along the way.

Who would've expected Eli to elude four defenders and hurl the ball downfield to David Tyree, who made an absolutely unbelievable catch which put them in position to score.

Tyree caught it with one hand and held the ball against his helmet while falling backwards over Rodney Harrison. Unreal.

I think it's finally setting in that the New York Giants are the Super Bowl champions. It was an upset for the ages. Quite possibly the biggest in the history of the NFL.

New England Patriot haters out there can say all they want about Spygate, or how Bill Belichick and his players have no class. Whatever. They were an unbelievable team this year even without the New York Jets practice tapes.

(I mean, come on. A CFL team coulda beaten the Jets. Ok, well maybe not. But they'd probably cover the spread!)

The fact of the matter is that a better team won the game on Sunday. The Patriots will be back, and hungrier than ever next year. Enjoy this for now, G-Men, and well done.