Cage Contender XI: Lofty Comments Made Before Heavyweight Title Contest

Peter CarrollContributor IIIOctober 3, 2011

Robinson ready to send Wain "back to school"
Robinson ready to send Wain "back to school"

Colin “Big C” Robinson and Neil “Old Skool” Wain have traced their respective lines in the sand, trading insults before Saturday night’s heavyweight title contest in Kings Hall, Belfast.

Until the press call last week, the Cage Contender XI lead-up contrasted greatly with the landmark Cage Contender X’s, due to the lack of fighting words exchanged between the latest headliners compared to that of Chris Fields vs. John Redmond.

However, these beliefs were put to bed as soon as Robinson insulted Wain, jibbing at his opponent’s fight name claiming he was going to send his fellow UFC veteran “back to school.” Without hesitation, Wain fired back at the Ballymena man declaring he would “expose Robinson’s glass jaw.”

The two KO artists will have even more reason to go in and swing for the fences with Cage Contender CEO John Ferguson having already predicted a quick ending to the affairs in the main event.

In another big development, “Stormin” Norman Parke will now face off against BJJ black belt Marcos Nardini of Dinky Ninjas. Due to Myles Price’s injury, the lightweight belt will now be vacated for either Parke or Nardini to claim the spoils of the strap on the night. His new opponent brings a completely different set of tools to the matchup, with Parke's training undoubtedly having being geared toward his reaction to Price's striking skills.

Nardini may cause some problems to Parke, whom many believe to be the uncrowned champion of the 155 division. Although only fighting in MMA just over a year, Nardini is a well-celebrated jiu jitsu player across Europe, known for his formidable guard.

“I’m very glad that we’ve managed to secure Marcos," Ferguson said. “After Myles pulled out, we had to find another worthy opponent for Norman, and thanks to John Nicholson from Dinky Ninja’s, we made it possible.”

With an already-stacked fight card, the comments of Robinson and Wain will just add to anticipation surrounding the 11th outing of Ireland’s most successful MMA promotion.

Peter Carroll is a Contributor for Bleacher Report. Unless otherwise noted, all quotes were obtained first-hand or from official interview materials from Cage Contender.