Cleveland Browns: I Hate To Say I Told You So

Scott GlissonCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

Well, like I said in one of my last articles, we should have just started Dorsey. Quinn was injured and Anderson had been benched as the starter, so Cleveland could have at least given him a shot, right?

Sure, he hasn't really played since he was on the 49ers (yikes), but what would be different if he would have started today?

We still would have lost today, granted probably by more.

Our defense still may have had a stellar performance.

Dawson still would have had a couple field goals to add to his impressive record.

I can really only see one thing that would have been different...

Derek Anderson would not be hurt.

So now here the Browns are, four games left in the season and what used to be an ideal situation for any football team, having two great options for quarterback, has quickly turned into a last ditch effort just to make it out of the season with a little dignity.

The Browns now have Dorsey as the starting quarterback, but don't forget about Joshua Cribbs. He is now the second string quarterback. He is fast, but the Browns cannot run QB sneaks every play.

With games against the Titans, the Steelers, the newly re-energized Eagles, and the struggling Bengals, the end of this season can not come soon enough for Cleveland and its fans.