WWE Hell in a Cell Results: What's Next for John Cena After Losing the Title?

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WWE Hell in a Cell Results: What's Next for John Cena After Losing the Title?

Alberto Del Rio once again became WWE Champion on Sunday after he defeated John Cena and CM Punk in their Hell in a Cell match. Del Rio took a pipe to Punk, allowing him to get the pin.

Right off the bat, I have to say I am a little surprised by this.

After all, Cena did just regain the belt against Del Rio at Night of Champions. For him to only last two weeks before dropping it—while not impossible by WWE standards—is unheard of by Cena standards. Of course, he didn't get pinned. That kind of thing doesn't seem to happen all that much..

That belt, for better or for worse, belongs to Cena. Anytime it’s not around his waist, the company holds its collective breath, anxiously awaiting the moment that his arm will be raised and he will once again reign as the top dog with the top championship.

Even with CM Punk in the equation this time out, many fans felt that the WWE Title was safe and sound with Cena.

So, what is next for John Cena?

The impact that Miz and R-Truth had on this match will likely lead to some fallout on RAW, and the first man leading the charge will probably be Cena.

As the company’s top Superstar, and main spokesman for all that is good and right, Cena should be the one calling for WWE COO Triple H to rehire the duo so he can get first crack at them.

Why? Because he does the right thing. He always does the right thing, and sometimes, it’s just too disgustingly cliché for words.

It’s not his fault; he is merely following the plan for the night. 

But, by putting him in that spot, WWE is showing once again that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to get him over as a face.

Not exactly working, right? Sadly, the WWE doesn’t seem to agree.

However, if that scenario does play out, then Cena would most likely defeat both Miz and Truth, effectively ending the "outside threat" angle that appears to be happening.

Then, there’s CM Punk, whose heat with Cena has cooled off somewhat in recent weeks.

Could Cena enter back into a program with The Voice of the Voiceless once again?

For me, this is unlikely, as Punk’s heat with Triple H and the WWE corporate machine has him thoroughly distracted.  He should have his hands full, and if anything, he may actually be forced into an alliance with Cena against Miz and Truth.

So, that leaves the newly crowned WWE Champion, Alberto Del Rio, the man who Cena didn’t feel deserved the belt in the first place.

Whether or not Del Rio is anything but a transitional champion remains to be seen. His booking as champ the first time around was less than impressive, as he did not appear to be a man who had arrived, but rather a man who was begging to be noticed.

Of course, getting over in any significant way on a program completely focused on Cena is a tough task to be sure. The fact that Del Rio is still so new to the company and not yet fully established as a major heel, is certainly not helping his cause any.

As long as Cena is on RAW, any worker wearing the WWE Championship is merely keeping the belt warm for him. Despite how many fans may feel about that, there is no denying the point.

Cena, while perhaps now focusing his attention on the two men who attempted to “ruin” Hell in a Cell, is eventually headed right back to the championship status that he resides in. He is their guy and the man chosen to carry the company.  In the minds of WWE creative, apparently the only way for him to do that is to be the champ at the same time.

If you thought 10-time WWE Champion was big, don’t look now. We’re headed to No. 11.

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