Tensions Mount, Spirits Rise: It's College Football Signing Day!

Aron GlatzerAnalyst IFebruary 6, 2008

For the college football aficionado, Wednesday, February 6th ranks as a national holiday—somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving, I’d say.

That’s right, we are talking about signing day.  Each school's incoming class of recruited high school seniors will make official all Letters of Intent today, and fax them to the universities for which they will suit up next season.

Some fans will be chewing off fingernails and frantically pounding the refresh key while watching the result come into message boards at scout.com and rivals.com—as possessed as Gollum going after that ring.

Some will relax with friends over a few cold ones and watch the drama unfold on ESPNU.

Others will hit the bottle a little early, realizing the next few years—on paper at least—appear pretty bleak.

The lucky few will have the opportunity to pop some champagne as their school hauls in a last-minute surprise with a big-time talent who appears before them on national television donning those familiar colors and a baseball cap.

University of Alabama certainly qualifies for that last section, as it just secured the signature of heralded in-state receiver, Julio Jones.

Take a peak around the office.  Who was feeling just fine during a presentation yesterday, but called in with a mysterious "flu bug" today?

In terms of the college student fan base, forget it.  Classrooms at Ohio State and Michigan alike will empty as students seek news of Terrelle Pryor’s decision—although it now appears he will hold off his announcement until he has a chance to visit Oregon.  

The rumors, waffling verbal commitments, and months of hype all culminate in this dramatic 24-hour period.

I'm fortunate as staying up-to-date on the signings is encouraged in my line of work.  How are you all holding up?