WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Results: Match-by-Match Breakdown

Mark PareCorrespondent IIOctober 2, 2011

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Results: Match-by-Match Breakdown

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    It was a wild night inside The Cajundome in New Orleans, La., as Hell in a Cell delivered some more controversy for WWE.

    Five matches were originally scheduled for the event, however, two title matches were thrown in to fill time and at the end of it all, we witnessed a brutal assault inside Satan's Structure.

    Cops, pipes, ex-employees and through it all, we have a new WWE Champion.

    Let's not keep you waiting, not much happened but the stuff that did happen, will make RAW an interesting program to watch on Monday night.

    Here are the results.

Sheamus vs. Christian

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    The first match of the night was your typical quick Christian match.  He got out a lot of his offense and attempted multiple spears at the end, but Sheamus was just too powerful.

    Sheamus demonstrated why he is a former WWE Champion, showing ring-savvy skill and didn't diminish Christian's ability, either.

    Tilt-a-whirl slams, clotheslines and brute force, Sheamus and Christian carried each other in a competitive match that was finished off by a Brogue Kick to the jaw.

    This might've been a blow off match as Sheamus may have bigger fish to fry in three weeks' time.

    The entrances were more memorable for having Miz and R-Truth come out with tickets to the show, only to be carried out by security before Sheamus came out.

    This wouldn't be last you saw of Miz and R-Truth, so read on and you will learn more on how this night turned out.

    Result: Sheamus wins by pinfall

Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara

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    The match began as both tried to one up each other.  If there was one huracanrana, there were two. 

    Chain wrestling, plenty of moves were executed and not many botches, but the crowd was not into the match whatsoever.

    The whole build up felt like an anime TV show and the match only showcased that the original Sin Cara has improved a little bit, but again, that is all dependent on who you are in the ring with so there is more work to be done.

    A quick match and a quick result as the original Sin Cara (or as the announcers referred to as Sin Cara 1) hit the code red and gained the pinfall victory.

    Result: Sin Cara 1 wins by pinfall

World Tag-Team Titles: Air Boom (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger

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    This match was recently added to the card, and it was a good match for a time filler.

    It showed that Air Boom can go up against former World Champions and come out on top, and the match did not destroy any credibility in the challengers.

    Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler came together quite well and looked like a formidable team.  If WWE is serious about keeping these two together, they need to be in more tag-team matches in the near future.

    The finish showed how Air Boom can take victory from the jaws of defeat as Swagger looked to power bomb Evan Bourne off the top rope.  Bourne countered into a huracanrana roll up and got the three-count as Kofi Kingston pulled Ziggler out of the ring to prevent him from stopping the count.

    Vickie Guerrero got into Swagger's face after the loss and as said on the broadcast, Swagger will have to get used to it if he's going to be managed by Guerrero.

    Result: Air Boom retains Tag-Team Titles; Bourne pins Swagger

World Heavyweight Championship: Mark Henry (c) vs. Randy Orton

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    The two men used a lot of the time using steel steps outside the ring.  Mark Henry dominated the beginning of the match up, countering Orton's attempts outside the ring.

    Henry showed just how powerful he is as when they finally got back into the ring, Henry delivered an earth-shattering powerslam, which drove the air out of Orton, but he still wouldn't give up.

    Both men got back in the ring and Henry's confidence started to grow.  He's been calculated and Michael Cole pointed out that Henry thinks a lot more in the ring, something we didn't see from him years ago, slowing down the pace and giving Orton a series of bear hugs and abdominal submissions.

    And then Orton started a comeback.

    Orton scaled the Cell walls as Henry attempted a World's Strongest Slam on the steep steps and the energy and pace of the match went up tenfold.

    Orton delivered his usual series of moves and put down Henry with an RKO.  Henry kicked out of that.

    Orton went for a punt and Henry countered into a World's Strongest Slam for the win.

    Henry played possum and he came away with the win; he is still the World Heavyweight Champion.

    A good match for the limitations WWE has in place nowadays for Hell in a Cell.  Orton may not have come away with the title, but he made his presence known after Henry had intentions of injuring the Apex Predator.

    Orton attacked Henry up the ramp until the big man ran off with the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Result: Mark Henry retains World Heavyweight Championship by pinfall

Intercontinental Title Match: Cody Rhodes (c) vs. John Morrison

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    Cody Rhodes put his foot in his mouth when he introduced the new Intercontinental Championship belt, the same style as we saw back in the 1990's.  A beautiful belt and as Rhodes said, he will defend the belt anytime, anyplace against anybody.

    John Laurinaitis took those words literally and gave John Morrison a title shot.

    So Rhodes was forced to defend the title in his street clothes.

    It made no difference as both guys went back and forth and Cody Rhodes capitalized on a miscue by Morrison.

    Morrison went for the springboard kick and missed, Rhodes got a roll up and got the pin.

    Once again, a time filler that was used fully and was just a quick match that had no significance, other than Rhodes introducing the new strap.

    Result: Cody Rhodes retains Intercontinental Championship by pinfall

Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

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    After months of attempts, we were witness to Beth Phoenix finally defeating Kelly Kelly, but the matter in which the belt was won leaves us to question the legitimacy of the victory.

    While Phoenix had Kelly in a submission maneuver, Natalya taunted her over the microphone until she nailed Kelly with the mic, followed by a Glam Slam and a pinfall.

    The majority of the match was controlled by the challenger, showing off her strength.  Kelly got some offense in, but it was very limited.

    The finish will probably open the door for a closely contested rematch on RAW or at Vengeance.

    The main thing here is that Phoenix broke a two-PPV losing streak and captured her first Divas Championship.

    Result: Beth Phoenix wins Divas Championship by pinfall

WWE Championship: John Cena (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    When you talk of the Reality Era, it definitely reached a breaking point after this match.

    The match itself caused more controversy than what the match was intended to do, that is, if your name is John Cena.

    Lets start with the match itself.  It began with Alberto Del Rio getting attacked by both John Cena and CM Punk.  The match continued with one man getting attacked outside so the two other guys in the match can work each other.

    When Punk was outside the ring, he introduced a table and set it up outside the ring.  His intention was to bulldog Cena through it, however, he was tossed against the cage and then Cena walked into a chair assault by Del Rio.

    Punk returned for some offense, nailed a Randy Savage-esque elbow drop on Del Rio, but when he tried it on Cena, Del Rio knocked Punk through the very table he set up moments earlier.

    It was just a flurry of offense by all three men, but then, Ricardo Rodriguez interjected by attacking a referee outside the Cell and unlocked the door.

    He introduced the steel pipe and Cena cut him off at the pass, delivering an Attitude Adjustment to Del Rio's ring announcer before Del Rio used the steel pipe to knock Cena out of the Cell, snagging the key and locking the door.

    Del Rio was in control of a vulnerable Punk, who was still dazed after being put through that table.  Cena was coming to and realized that he was locked out of the cage.

    He watched Punk fight valiantly but to no avail as Del Rio used the pipe and captured the WWE Championship.

    That was when hell came to Hell in a Cell.

    Cena came in and attempted an assault on Del Rio, but Miz and R-Truth came in with hoodies and began their assault as the cage lowered to the ground.

    Miz and R-Truth attacked everything and everyone inside the Cell, as the locker room emptied to try and get in, but the door was locked.  Triple H came out, angered by the situation as an official came out with a bolt cutter to open the door.

    Cops showed up and as soon as the door opened, the two "fired" Superstars surrendered.

    As they were brought out, Triple H attacked the two men, and had to be restrained as the PPV ended.

    We have a new WWE Champion, but to steal a catch phrase from Jim Ross, business just picked up.

    Result: Alberto Del Rio wins WWE Championship by pinfall

    What did you think of the PPV?

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