NFL Playoff Picture with Four Games To Go

Boris GodzinevskiCorrespondent IINovember 30, 2008

With three-fourths of the season done, the playoff picture is almost in full focus.

Only 12 teams make it if you didn't know, six from each conference, four division winners and two wild cards.


We start with the AFC

Titans have effectively won the AFC South, not only by virtue of needing only one more win to clinch, but also there easy remaining schedule, it's done folks.

For a little while, it looked like the Raiders could win the awful AFC West, but the joke is over, Broncos have a three-game lead with four to go, it's done.

The remaining four spots?

You can bet the Steelers and Ravens will have two of them, simply put, have you seen the Steelers and Ravens lately? Ravens still have a shot at the division but if they don't get it, 11 wins seem probable.

So now we're down to two, one of them will have to go to the AFC East Division winner, the Jets could have all but locked it up against Denver, but they did not, so it's still up for grabs with the Patriots and Dolphins. The Bills are dead, I'm sorry.

At least one of those three AFC East teams will make the playoffs, but two? Might be a stretch, the Colts have a game lead over both Miami and New England, not forgetting they beat the Pats so make that two-game lead over them, and the Colts have Detroit and Cincinnati to look forward to!

So there you have it, the Jets have a pretty easy remaining schedule, I would say they will get a playoff spot, if in wild-card, they'll beat out the Colts, if they win the division crown, it will be pretty much between the Dolphins and Colts.


Now we move on to the NFC

This is fun, the Cardinals have still not clinched quite arguably the worst division in the NFL, but it is inevitable, they will get a home playoff game.

The Giants are the best team in football; I hate them but give credit where it's due, and it's not because of Eli Manning, the TEAM is magnificent.

And then we have the NFC South, which by all account will occupy at least two playoff spots, I'd put my money on Carolina and Tampa Bay both making the postseason.

So...only two spots left right?

Well here's where the fun begins, remember the NFC North? Yes, the format should go back to two divisions per conference, because whoever wins the NFC North will have a worse record than the sixth best record in the NFC, I guarantee it.

Now, as I type this out, the Vikings lead the Bears 24-14 with three minutes left in the third quarter. Does it matter? Not really, whichever team wins, the Packers are still a corpse in the playoff race, remember Favre?

So, anyway, there will be the NFC North division winner, whoever that is doesn't matter because the fifth seed, either Tampa or Carolina will destroy them in the Wild Card round, again, I guarantee it.

So that final sixth seed will be a dogfight for the ages, between *drum roll*.....

Cowboys, Falcons and Redskins.

The Skins have a legit shot at 10 wins, and that may not be enough.

The 'Boys are 8-4 and, with the 8-4 Falcons the NFC sixth seed, amazingly, the wild card will have 11 wins by all likelihood; I don't even remember the last time that happened.

Back to my point about the NFC North winner being dead in the playoffs, course I suppose same could be said for the Cardinals, but they're damn good at home and they have the Rams and Seattle left to play, could the NFC North winner be the third seed over the Cardinals? Perhaps, will it matter? Not so much.

For the record, I think the Falcons will nab that sixth seed; I don't care for Dallas' remaining schedule.


And that is my playoff picture with four games to go.