Jacksonville Jaguars' Draft Needs for 2009

Auguste ArcherCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

Alright everybody, it's officially time to stop talking playoffs and start talking draft.

The Jaguars aren't getting in this year, but I'm going to discuss what they need to do to give themselves a shot next year.

I'm going to go position by position and give the level of need, on a scale of 1 to 10, and the best possible choice.


Wide Receiver: 8-10

The Jaguars are in desperate need of a big-play receiver. Matt Jones has stepped up and become a reliable possession guy, now all they need is a burner. The top candidate and the guy they would obviously like to have is Michael Crabtree, who has shown the ability to make big plays all season and has the kind of speed they currently lack at that position. After Crabtree the next best candidate is Jeremy Maclin out of Missouri.


Tight End: 1-10

The Jaguars really don't need a tight end. They have a roster full of big, physical tight ends and adding another would be a waste of a draft pick. If they were to draft a tight end, it would be late and probably exclusively for special teams.


Offensive Line: 9-10

The Jags HAVE to either draft a left tackle or go after one in free agency because after this season Khalif Barnes is an unrestricted free agent. As far as drafting goes, they would love to get Andre Smith, but they probably won't be able to.

If they get the opportunity, I think they'll probably take a tackle in the first and a guard in the second or third.


Running back/Fullback: 4-10

The Jaguars if the Jags are going to keep with the two back system they are going to need to start looking for someone to compliment Maurice Jones-Drew. Maybe not in this draft, but don't be surprised if they pick up some undrafted free agent halfbacks and take them to camp. There's no harm in looking for diamonds in the rough, and once Taylor retires they'll need another good back.


Quarterback: 1-10

I think that David Garrard is the long term answer as a starter. His performance this season is a direct result of two things. No. 1, he is getting hit, a lot. No. 2, the Jags haven't run the ball at all. I think there isn't really a whole lot of need for the Jags to draft a quarterback.

The only reason would be to groom a replacement for Garrard later on, but Garrard has a lot of time left and it seems like a waste to draft a position you don't really need.


Defensive Line: 8-10

The Jags MUST get a big defensive tackle to play beside John Henderson. Henderson just hasn't been himself since Stroud departed. They need a big man who will take some of the pressure off of Big John and leave him free to make those all important run-stuffing tackles.

The best man on the board is Sen'Derrick Marks, out of Auburn, but the Jags would be more than happy to have Terrence Cody if Marks isn't available.


Linebacker: 5-10

Mike Peterson will most likely not be playing in Jacksonville next season, so expect the Jaguars to look to add depth at linebacker. The starters are playing pretty well right now, but I think that Del Rio may eventually try to slide Durant over into the middle and this may affect how he drafts.

If he was to draft a linebacker, it wouldn't be until the third or fourth round.


Safety: 5-10

As much as I would love to see Del Rio add another hard hitter to compliment Reggie Nelson, I don't think he will. The best man on the board is Taylor Mays out of USC, but don't expect the Jags to draft a safety that early.


Cornerback: 7-10

The Jags have one great corner, and the other side is always iffy. Brian Williams is a good safety, but not a corner. Drayton Florence isn't fast enough and gets burned to much.

I would love to see the Jags go after Malcom Jenkins or Vontae Davis, but the offensive and defensive lines take priority this year. If a corner is drafted it will be in the second or third round.


Well, that about covers it. Let me know what you think or if I left anything out!