Tim Tebow: Most Outstanding Leader

KebContributor INovember 30, 2008

It is now official.  Tim Tebow, the 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, will not win the Davey O'Brien Award, which is given to the best quarterback in College Football.

No matter. Tim has bigger and better things to do.

For one, how about finishing the regular season against No. 20 Florida State in a 45–15 rout?  FSU just had their best game of the year by taking out Maryland in convincing fashion.  Too bad that no one saw it.  The telecast was shown on ESPN against the boring blowout that was Texas Tech against Oklahoma.

It seems to me that the Big 12 is doing what the SEC usually does: Beat each other up.

What usually winds up happening when you have that kind of talent, not only in the same conference but on the same side of the conference, is that the teams usually cancel each other out.

So, when it comes to this secondary award, it makes perfect sense to have the three quarterbacks come from the same side of the Big 12.

Let's see who should win this:

You have Graham Harrell at no name Texas Tech throwing for ungodly amounts of yards week after week and then it just stops.

“Uh oh! Sorry coach, I ran into some kind of a defense and I didn't know what to do. I did beat Texas though, and I sure make that Crabtree guy look awesome always hitting him in the hands and all," Harrell might say.

You have Colt McCoy, the leader of the Longhorns. A Vince Young he will never be. He falls into the Mack Brown style of football: He can't win the big game. It was all there for them; all they had to do was get one more stop and they couldn't handle the pressure.

The only one of these teams that deserves any respect is Oklahoma. They are led by former Florida Gator Defensive Coordinator Bob Stoops, and he has Sam Bradford rolling!  

They scored 65 on Texas Tech and put 35 on Texas in a losing effort. It seems that their defense has woken up a little and they are playing great at the right time.

It's a hard choice. I just don't know.

But wait, is there room for a write-in candidate?

It seems to me that there is a quarterback out there that defies the odds every time he hits the field. He's a quarterback that doesn't run away from being hit; he embraces it. He has more rushing touchdowns in his almost three years than Emmitt Smith did at Florida.

If I had a vote, it would be for Tim Tebow. But a test of a leader is not by the awards that he wins, but by the conduct of his character on and off the field. And there is no better leader on the field and in life than Tim Tebow.

Here's a guy that has worked hard all season long with the Heisman weighing heavily on his back.

He led his team to a 10-1 record and a BCS rank of No. 4 through a tough SEC schedule. He led the Gators to wins over such notable opponents as Miami, LSU, Georgia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Florida State. With a win over No. 1 ranked Alabama, Tim will take his team to play for a second national title in three years.

What is that you say? He doesn't have the numbers that he had last year? What happened?

He is growing in his role as the leader of this team. He is making sure that all of the play-makers that Florida has, and they have quite a few, get the ball in their hands. His focus game to game has the Gators rolling as the highest powered offense at Florida, ever.

Just look at the numbers: third in the nation in scoring offense and third in the nation in scoring defense.  He runs this offense and he is not a finalist.

Like all great leaders, Tim had a setback—a one-point loss at home to Mississippi. This is the best thing that could have happened to the Gators this season. And who was the one that spoke out? Tim did.

Since then, no one quarterback or player has played harder than Tim Tebow. No one player has led his team to more convincing wins over top 10 teams than him either.

Bradford may have done it once, but Tim does it over and over. McCoy took out the Sooners, but didn't get by Tech. Harrell was looking good until Oklahoma.

These players are good quarterbacks in great systems. But if you take them out, the team will keep chugging along.  You take Tebow out and, well, that's a different team.  No one player has meant more to his program than Tim Tebow.

It begs the question, is it fair that Tebow is not a finalist for the Davey O'Brien Award?

Yes, it is fair. In a time when we are witnessing bailouts and talking about spreading the wealth around, isn't it fair to give someone a consolation prize? They will get to go to Orlando and have a good time at Disney World and accept their award live on ESPN.

But will they get to give the same address in New York. I don't think so. That is for the Most Outstanding Player in College Football.

I just don't think that you get more outstanding than Tim Tebow.