Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers; Week 13

David ArreolaSenior Analyst INovember 30, 2008

Welcome, friends, to THE OFFICIAL Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers article.

Last week, we had an impostor poke their head out. Be sure you are reading the right article, the one by David Arreola. Because anything else is just less than you deserve.

Last week, Favre had a big game and took a 7-5 lead on Rodgers.

Game time.

Week 13

New York Jets   17
Denver Broncos 34

Brett Favre: 23-43 247 yds 1 INT

The Good

Brett, you have to give me good material to write about. I don't make this stuff up. Honestly, I watched every minute of this game ,and I am struggling to come up with ANYTHING good for this game. 23 completions? Ok. That should do.

I guess he did a good job of handing the ball to Thomas Jones. Apart from that, it was a dismal game for Favre.

One thing I will say in Favre's defense is that his receivers did a terrible job of catching.

The Bad

Sorry Brett, but I gotta let you have it. You started out bad and finished just as bad. You were off-target ALL game. You missed wide-open receivers and couldn't handle the Broncos not blitzing you. They had seven or eight people drop back into coverage, and you looked angry.

The pick was flat out awful, it was overthrown and ehhh. Favre missed a lot of open receivers in key situations and held onto the ball way too long. Good news is you are still 8-4 with a favorable schedule ahead.

Green Bay Packers   31
Carolina Panthers     35

Aaron Rodgers: 23-43 298yds, 3 TDs 1 INT

The Good

Probably one of his best games of the season. Rodgers hit his receivers in stride and made it easy for them to get precious YAC yards. The touchdown passes were things of beauty. Twice fitting tight throws between defenders and the other one just a great deep throw to Jennings.

The Packers got down early, but that did not affect Rodgers' play. He made great plays on third down and kept the Packers in the game with great passing. Rodgers was accurate and effective all game.

The Bad

It was a storybook game with a horrific ending. Your second half performance was outstanding and was Pro Bowl-type play. But, with the score 35-31, and the Packers needing a score to win, you failed us.

I know it is only one pick, but it was a pick that lost the game. There was plenty of time left, and you still had two downs after that. It was a bad decision, and it cost your team dearly. You aren't Brett Favre; you can't throw 60 yards downfield off your back foot.

The Pick

If you watched both games like me, this is an easy pick

Aaron Rodgers was more accurate and helped his team all game. Well, until the last 1:09. 

Rodgers missed a few times, but hit when he needed to. If it wasn't for that pick. Well, maybe Packer nation wouldn't be ready to crucify you.

With Rodgers' superb game, he cuts Favre's lead to one.

The score is 7-6 Favre with 4 games remaining. 

Final Thoughts

This is one of Favre's worst games in a long time. Certainly in the last two years. He missed all his receivers and did not look like himself at all. Granted the weather was atrocious in the meadowlands, but he is Brett Favre, the world's greatest foul weather quarterback.

Also I'd like to take this moment to CALL YOU OUT MIKE SHANAHAN. I've seen some dirty stuff in my days, but what you did on Sunday was BAD. You discovered the best way to neutralize the hurry up offense. Have your defenders fake injuries.

Five Bronco defenders went down ONLY when Brett Favre was calling a play at the line of scrimmage. Shame on you. That is just low.

Some of you are saying, "Dude, they are injured. Have a heart."

No, they aren't, because FOUR of those players came back a drive later. The fifth was laughing on the sideline a few drives down the road.

Aaron Rodgers, you don't deserve the criticism you are going to get, but you do. You played a fine game, but, once again showed, us all what ONE bad play can do for a game, or even your season. The pick has put the Packers on the outside looking in for the NFC playoffs. They are not mathematically eliminated, but anyone with a brain knows the chances are below slim.

Next week, both teams get a chance to rebound against weaker opponents. The Packers face the Houston Texans while the Jets travel to face the San Francisco 49ers.