Virginia Tech Football Video: Watch the Best Run of the Season

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IINovember 18, 2016

Virginia Tech running back David Wilson had one of the best runs since Reggie Bush was playing for USC.

Wilson avoids five tackles and goes 15 yards back before running back to the line of scrimmage and beyond for a first down.

Clemson has gotten off to an undefeated start this season. Their defense has been very strong, carrying them to multiple victories as well as holding the dynamic Virginia Tech offense to just three points.

Although Clemson did get the win against Virginia Tech, Wilson was able to make their talented defense look foolish.

Clemson wasn't able to bring Wilson down as he displayed his pure athleticism.

David Wilson put himself on the map with this play. David Wilson’s athletic run will be on ESPN repeatedly this week and will no doubt have a spot in the highlight reel for the college football season.

Sit back and enjoy this impressive video.