5 Reasons Doug Collins Can Lead Philadelphia 76ers Back to NBA Playoffs

Michael FoglianoAnalyst IOctober 6, 2011

5 Reasons Doug Collins Can Lead Philadelphia 76ers Back to NBA Playoffs

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    Doug Collins is the main reason why the Philadelphia 76ers made a huge turnaround last season without a doubt. Sure there were others, but he was the main, core reason why they did what they did.

    Hoping that there will be a season this winter, the Sixers still have a lot prove. Specifically, they need to show other teams that they can still compete and will be a playoff threat. And Collins will be a huge part of it.

    Being a young team on the rise may be fun, but it definitely is not easy. But with Collins at the helm, these players and the fans should be worried, but instead be looking forward to the playoffs.

Not Many Teams That Will Surprise

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    Honestly, there aren't many teams behind the Sixers that propose a threat that didn't make the playoffs. 

    The one team that I would give consideration to are the Washington Wizards because they have a very nice, young squad that has potential to be very good. However, I am no so sold on how big of a leap they can make this season. But who knows, perhaps they could do what the Sixers did this season.

    Either way, I don't believe there is a big threat behind the Sixers that may knock them out of the playoffs. If anything, the Sixers may be creeping up the standings, especially since they were only three games behind the fifth seed.

Stress the Same Ehtics

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    If Doug Collins can stress everything he did last year with just higher goals, then I believe the Sixers could easily make the playoffs again.

    Collins did a great job assigning every player their own specific role to flourish on and they all did just that. But on top of that, he is also a great moral coach. That's the definitive quality that Collins brings to the table. I love it. 

    It's very rare to find a coach who has the intellectual knowledge of the book side of the game, but also the moral side. 

    it was clear that Collins changed the crew not only as players, but as people too. And if he stresses what he did last year, this won't change.

Sixers Are Getting Better

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    One word to describe last season: Growth. Maturity. Improvement. Something along those lines. 27-55 to a good 41-41 if you like numbers.

    The Sixers proved last year that they can compete, contend and give really good teams a run for their money. Last year was their practice test, this year is when they really start to go to work and they are ready for it.

    Now that they are used to their roles they will do an even better job this season. Guaranteed.

    The turnaround this team made is incredible and they keep on improving. This resurgence is not going to stop, but instead get even hotter.

They Have a Young Core

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    Although many people believe the youth are inexperienced, being young also comes with many pros.

    This team has athleticism and a lot of speed. Those two qualities specifically help in the fast break/ run-and-gun type team Collins has developed. 

    The transition game is where the Sixers shined last year. They ran the court great last year, and there is no reason they won't do it again, or even better, this season.

He Did It Last Year

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    He did it last year, so why not again?

    I think one who doubts Collins or the team on making the playoffs should think again. Collins was virtually working from scratch and establishing a system. This year, he has a basis to work on and a system to elaborate and add to.


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    Honestly, if you do not believe or trust in Collins, then you are over your head. He is a great coach. 

    Do I have high hopes? Of course I do. Enough to win a championship? Not yet, but they are definitely on the way.

    The Sixers are in for a positive season and most importantly an improved season. And with Collins at the helm, I have no doubt in believing that.