Vote For Your Favorite NYI Fan Blogger Of '08

Dee KarlSenior Analyst INovember 30, 2008

Who is the NY Islanders "best" (non-sponsored) fan blogger? We ALL are! But then again, contests are contests and people love to vote for their favorites. So here is your chance to let your Internet voice be heard.

To start, log onto for more details on the rules of the contest. Register to vote or register your very own NYI blog. Let's show the hockey community that Islanders fans ARE the most passionate and web savvy fans in the NHL!

Voting begins tomorrow, December 1 and runs through New Years Eve. Voting is not limited to one blog per person. You can vote for as many blogs as you want, but you can only vote for each one once. But feel free to promote as many bloggers as you like. Also, if you know of any NYI bloggers out there that might want to be up for consideration, tell them to stop by the site ASAP, register, and add their own blog.

Blogs can be added at any time until the end of the voting.

This is going to be hard for me to vote on, because all my NYI Blog Box buddies are my "favorite."

 And for all my NY Islander ramblings, check