Jets Incapability Against Denver Reveals Their Pretender Side

Jason BravermanContributor IJanuary 22, 2017

A score of 34-17 is never good to lose by, but it was horrible for the New York Jets today. Brett Favre went a weak 23-for-43 with one pick, and no touchdowns, a game removed from beating the formerly undefeated Titans 34-13.

I'm not saying that the Jets are pretenders, definitely not, sitting atop the AFC East at 8-4 and the current No. 3 seed.  All I'm saying is that letting Peyton Hillis, the undrafted rookie FB from Arkansas, rush for 129 yards and a score isn't exactly impressive.

The Jets will still be playoff bound, in my opinion, drawing the 4-8 Niners next week, followed by the unimpressive 6-6 Bills, and then another easy win as the Jets travel to Seattle to play the 2-10 Seahawks. They close out the season against the Dolphins, a winnable game, but not automatic.

The Jets were looking very strong having won five in a row, their last two being the most impressive.  Favre led the Jets to a 34-31 thriller over division rival Pats, and then over the Titans, now 11-1.

As I said, I still think the men in green will make the playoffs, and I don't think they're pretenders. I just think that the Jets exposed themselves, and their pretender side.

So, while on this topic, let's take a look at the other bubble teams:


Pats (7-5)

Dolphins (7-5)

Cowboys (8-4)

Bears (6-5)

Vikings (6-5)

Saints (6-6, I hesitated before putting them here)


Bills (6-6)

Redskins (7-5)

Packers (5-7)

Cardinals (7-5)


Broncos (7-5)

Eagles (6-5-1)