B1G: Overview October 2, 2011

Jo MamaContributor IOctober 2, 2011

Mr Everything: Vincent Smith, throws, runs, passes for TD's in Michigan's romp
Mr Everything: Vincent Smith, throws, runs, passes for TD's in Michigan's rompLeon Halip/Getty Images

Before I go into my little diatribe, I'd like to fully disclose that I'm a rabid Michigan fan so if this article has a tinge of Wolverine slant, deal with it.  That said, interesting drama abounds in the "worst conference name" conference in the land—said Wolverines (1-0; 5-0) lead the "Legends" division, as Wisconsin (1-0; 5-0) and the Illini (1-0; 5-0) tie to stay atop the "Leaders" division.  Just writing those two division names makes me cringe. 

The general thought is that the newly branded B1G has three of the most overrated 5-0 teams in the land.  Bucky has played JV squads until tonight and showed some good moxie against a Husker team that has also played a bunch of nobodies.  Michigan might have played a decent team in the Irish, but their undoing in Ann Arbor wasn't all because the Wolverines are that good—meaning all three squads are a meaningless 5-0, might as well be 0-0.  

The second tier of B1G teams are all mediocre at best.

Sparty is hard to figure out—are they the team that got throttled by Notre Dame or the team that muscled out a win vs the Bucks today?  Iowa stayed idle on the schedule but their interstate slip-up versus ISU looks worse after the Cyclones take an old-school beat down at home against a young Horns ballclub.  

Don't even talk to me about Northwestern; Penn State is a walking coma of a team; Buckeyes look lost and Minny and Indy are a waste of space. 

The conference doesn't really have an identity, aside from the drubbing Penn State took from the Crimson Tide. No team has played a Top 10 squad outside the conference to date (Nebraska@Wisco today was 7 v 8).  Things will get a lot more interesting as the season progresses but right now, the conference doesn't look that strong overall.