WWE: Luke's Hell in a Cell 2011 Predictions

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WWE: Luke's Hell in a Cell 2011 Predictions

2011 has mostly been a breath of fresh air in the WWE when compared with the overall disaster that was 2010.

We have seen the return of The Rock, we have seen CM Punk grab the company by the throat and make history at Money In The Bank, and perhaps most relevant to this upcoming PPV we have seen the strict PG rules be relaxed a little.

Last year, when WWE was in full PG mode, this event was awful. It featured two Hell in a Cell matches, and neither of them lived up to legacy of that structure due to the overboard restrictions in place at that time.

Things have changed this year, we have definitely seen more brutality and creative weapon use, which has been prominent in nearly every gimmick match in 2011. Remember Undertaker vs. HHH from WrestleMania? The Elimination Chamber PPV in February? John Cena vs. Miz from Over The Limit? Or perhaps more recently Christian vs. Orton from Summerslam?

All of those were more the sort of thing we would expect from gimmick matches, and it is therefore with hope that I look upon this Sunday's PPV to finally live up to its name.

The last good Hell in a Cell match we witnessed was Undertaker vs. Edge from Summerslam 2008, and arguably it was one of the best of all time. It did not feature blood, but the action was intense and enjoyable from start to finish. If you haven't seen that match, I suggest you watch it before the PPV tonight to get you in the mood.

Personally I hope we see the action spill outside the cell for once tonight, and possibly onto the roof which is something we have not seen for many years and would now be a lot safer due to the new reinforced cell.

Last two PPV ratings:

Summerslam 2011: 8/10    Night Of Champions 2011: 7/10

WWE announced only five matches so I'm guessing another will be added on the night, but the card is looking solid nonetheless.      

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