Mike Pereira Calls out Vick: Nothing to See Here, Move Along

Brian TallonContributor IIIOctober 2, 2011

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 18:  Michael Vick #7 of the Philadelphia Eagles lays on the field after colliding with his offensive lineman against the Atlanta Falcons at Georgia Dome on September 18, 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Fox Sports analyst Mike Pereira has been a busy guy of late.  Pereira was apparently offended by Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's assertion that he doesn't get the same late-hit calls as other quarterbacks. 

Pereira put together a rebuke of Vick on NFL.com, saying "He's a quarterback that's on the move, he's going to get hit more," Pereira said of Vick. "Yes, there are a couple that may be missed, but the fact that a ton of them are missed and that he's hit late all the time is absurd...I think it was a bunch of bull and it didn't sit well with me, and it still doesn't."

Following that particular show of professionalism, Pereira also contends, "...I thought it was ridiculous," Pereira said on SiriusXM Radio via ProFootballTalk.com. "It actually took me back, it took me back to my job in New York when I worked for the league, and it was a constant complaint by the Eagles, whether it was (Donovan) McNabb at quarterback or whether it was Vick. They clearly complained more than any other team."

So now we can conclude that Pereira is not only bothered by Vick's anti-referee statement, but he continues to hold a grudge against the entire Eagles organization. 

And not only do the Eagles and Michael Vick offend Pereira, but also Adam Schefter. 

"Michael Vick accomplished what he set out to do. The refs will watch him closer? That is what ESPN’s Adam Schefter said. That might be more ridiculous than what Michael Vick said. I doubt that Adam has ever worn a striped shirt, and if he has, it sure wasn’t in the NFL," wrote Pereira in his column on Foxsports.com.

Lots of people are offending Pereira.  And his stance must be true with all of his years on the field refereeing NFL games.  Or rather, I should say both seasons as an NFL referee...a side judge, no less.

After both years were in the books (1996-97), ol' Mikey turned into a career bureaucrat, holding an executive title and never again setting foot on the NFL field to call a game.

Pereira never does seem to think the zebras get it wrong. He seems to forget that professional biases can come into play.  Seems ol' Mikey forgot to check his own bias at the door.