Sam Bradford Deserves a Heisman

Burgess ShawCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

Sam's the man as Oklahoma fans would call him, and he really is the man. Sure he had a good season last year, but this year he has blown up the stat book to help OU get to a Big 12 Championship.

Sam Bradford has made his case for the Heisman this year. Having 4080 yards through the regular season and a 68.2 pass percentage. He has also had 46 touchdowns through 12 games and has had five games with five passing touchdowns in them.

Being left out for the Maxwell Award doesn't really matter at this point. Sure Tebow is in that race for the Maxwell, but the three best quarterbacks in the nation is Colt McCoy, Graham Harrell, and Sam Bradford...who all command the high-powered Big 12 offenses.

The difference for Bradford and the other two Big 12 quarterbacks is that he has commanded the Sooners week in and week out consistently. Colt McCoy had a hard time vs. Texas Tech in the first half and Graham Harrell had problems with the Oklahoma game all throughout it. But when OU lost to Texas he still had big numbers with 5 touchdowns in that game. Also, Bradford has brought OU down the stretch to wins that has brought the Sooners to the Big 12 Championship.

Now that the season is over and with the numbers Bradford has and the way he commands the Sooner offense. There is almost no way the voters can take him out of the Heisman.