Swearing and Nudity Turn ITV's FA Cup Coverage Blue

Martin BentleyCorrespondent INovember 30, 2008

You would normally sit down for an afternoon game of football hoping for some entertainment and some great goals, especially when it's the FA Cup and the potential for a major shock is on. However, ITV had two big shocks of their own, both likely to get them into a bit of trouble.

During today's 2nd Round game between Histon and Leeds United, some Leeds fans reached over the barrier and grabbed ITV's pitchside microphone, and proceeded to call ITV "f***ing s**t", with an audience of millions hearing every word. ITV then cut the sound off from the microphones. It wasn't quite the same as thousands of England fans in Andorra declaring their hate for Setanta, but for Sunday lunchtime, it was pretty funny to hear ITV's commentators squirm.

After the game, which saw Histon produce an FA Cup shock by knocking out former winners Leeds 1-0, ITV went into Histon's dressing room to see the team celebrate their big win... only to find one of their players completely naked and full frontal.

With the current culture of British TV viewers and radio listeners complaining about the most trivial matters, ITV will certainly receive a few letters about this, but I doubt many of them will be from young female viewers, who might be asking ITV who that Histon player was.

Still, both these events appeared to be beyond ITV's control. ITV are in their first year of providing coverage of the FA Cup after several years on the BBC, and with events like these, people are already talking. As it is, the 3rd round features the introduction of the big teams, where security is stricter, and they don't go into dressing rooms, so we won't be getting any more of this sort of stuff this season. It may offend a few people, but it's certainly more fun than the routine.