Brian Burke: You're Overrated!

Tyler HillAnalyst INovember 30, 2008

I never really saw what was so special about Brian Burke. So what if he won a Stanley Cup with Anaheim in 2007. Quite a few GMs have won Cups. I never said Burke wasn’t a good GM, I just could not see what was so great about him. Why do people treat him like he is the god of all GMs?

Last night he made his Toronto general manager debut (just as Maple Leafs This Week will be making its debut Saturday, Dec. 20). In his first game managing the team, the Leafs managed (no pun intended) to snap a five-game winless streak!

I must have had all my previous thoughts about Burke thrown out the window; only one game and already they were off to a great start!

Anyone who has this thought going through your head right now, please, go into your kitchen, find a really big knife...and you should be able to figure where I’m going from here.

The only thing Burke could have done is change the mindset in the locker room, other than that...he was only there for a day; he was barely the “official” GM. He had no time to do anything that would drastically change the team and how they perform.

To some, it may sound as though I am criticizing Mr. Burke. This is partly true, but mostly I am only saying that Leaf fans need to calm down and not get too excited—“that’s what she said,” Andy Echevarria.

Back to Brian Burke, he may have proven himself as a good general manager, but why is everyone so happy he is here? What is he going to do with a team full of guys that have No Movement Clauses (you gotta love that JFJ) in their contracts?

He has to work around that obstacle before he can do anything here, which might be a little hard to do considering Fletcher already tried and to no avail.

The bottom line is this: Brian Burke is a good GM, but that is it—good and nothing more (the team he had in Anaheim was not the same thing he has to deal with in Toronto); he is simply overrated.