Seahawks vs. Falcons: Why This Is a Must-Win Game for Both Teams

Micah Chen@thechensterAnalyst IIIOctober 1, 2011

Sunday's game between the Seattle Seahawks and Atlanta Falcons will not be a game that many people outside of Seattle and Atlanta will care about.

But for these two teams and their fans, this game couldn't be more important.

Both teams sit at 1-2, but neither team can afford to go 1-3.  Not just because of the deep hole they will have dug themselves, but because it will be near impossible to get out.

Let's look at Seattle: The Seahawks are playing in an extremely lackluster NFC West, but a loss would decrease their chances of winning the west considerably.

Football great Vince Lombardi even said that the Seahawks are playing like an expansion team.

The Seahawks have virtually no chance of winning on the road this year, if they can scrape a couple victories on the road, to go along with 6 or 7 wins at home, they can get by.

But they can't lose at home this early in the year.  With a schedule that includes games against the Cowboys, Giants, Ravens, Redskins, and Bears, a 1-3 record might be too much to overcome.

You have to win your games at home.  A 2-2 record is manageable. A 1-3 record, not so much, especially with the rise of the San Francisco 49ers.

After going 13-3 last year, the Atlanta Falcons are in danger of already equalling their loss total. 

With every game, the Falcons are looking more and more vulnerable.  In a division  with the up-and-coming Panthers, a Bucs squad with all the momentum in the world, and the powerhouse Saints, every loss counts.

If they lose to Seattle this Sunday, it will essentially eliminate any chance of winning the South— they need about 12 wins in this division—which would force them to go 11-1 the rest of the year.

If they lost, not only would it hurt their record, but it would put a dent in their pride.

Going from 13-3 to losing to a Seahawks team led by Tavaris Jackson, arguably the worst starting QB in the league, will leave your team doubting themselves.  This is certainly something you can't have in the competitive NFC South.

Both teams are still in the running in their division, but a win here is a must.