UFC Heavyweight Alistair Overeem Appears in Sumo Matches Earlier This Month

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Just because taking over the world was too much work for Alistair Overeem, he has set his eyes on being dominant in every single combat sport known to mankind.

Earlier this month Overeem appeared in a couple of sumo wrestling matches over in Japan and from what I can tell—seeing as I don't speak Japanese or have an inkling to how one dominates in sumo—Overeem just dominates his opponents.

Of course, Overeem was going up against guys who were 30 kilograms—about 66 pounds if Google conversions is correct—smaller than himself.

Overeem takes both guys—his other sumo match can be seen here—and seemingly tosses them aside in what seems to be "Ubereem mode." After his victory in that second sumo match, the crowd seems completely stunned that Overeem (who is at least 260 pounds of pure horse-meat muscle) wins his match.

Now I don't know if this is just for comedic value or if it was completely serious (I'm assuming it is for comedic purposes), but Overeem seems like he is actually decent in yet another combat sport.

Now it is time for the UFC to make the upcoming Brock Lesnar versus Overeem into a sumo match to headline UFC 141.

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