Bernie Ecclestone: It's Time To Go!

Adam PooleAnalyst INovember 30, 2008

I don't usually call for sports bosses' heads to roll, but I think it's about time that Mr. Ecclestone did something for the sport he "loves" and tendered his resignation before Formula One becomes one of the biggest farces in today's world of sport.

Now, I have taken a break from Bleacher but feel that in the current time of crisis within the sport my comeback should be made—and should be made with an article that covers something I feel strongly about.

I expect some criticism on this article, but before this, I expect to get my point across.


Divorce and Public Image

The public image of Bernie Ecclestone has come under scrutiny more than ever recently, with the highly-publicised divorce of his wife, Slavica Ecclestone.

The divorce will see Bernie's £2.4billion net worth hit the courts sometime next year.  The divorce was announced on 20 November by Mrs. Ecclestone's PR executive—Bernie was said to be shocked and surprised at the news. 

Experts are saying that Slavica could be in for a record breaking settlement as many of her husband’s assets are in her name.

My first point would be this.  A man going through a surprise divorce, and potentially a very costly one at that, after 24 years of marriage won't have his head in the game, I don't care what anyone says.


Medals?  Are you drunk?

Although I feel the sub-heading says it all, I will fill you in as to why I think Bernie's latest idea needs to be nipped in the bud before it even takes off.

The scoring system in F1 has been around for years, it has produced some fantastic wins and some fantastic finales—the latest of which is the 2008 Brazilian Grand-Prix, this went right down to the wire and the Drivers Championship was only won in the final few corners of the race.

Now, you throw medals into the equation and you could end up with the Championship over half way through the season. We all know that at least one of the top teams struggle for the start of a season, but really pick up the pace towards the end.

If Ferrari or McLaren pick up the lion's share of the medals in the first half of the season because the rival team is struggling, it's pretty much game over.

My opinion on this matter is simple. If it's not broken, don't fix it. The points system works, it generates high-tension season endings, even if the FIA do have to make up some rules to ensure this, and the biggest point of all—it works—if medals are bought into F1, as Mr. Ecclestone is suggesting, then I will be loathed to even tune into the sport which, at one point in time, I loved.


Racist Comments in 2008

Although this has now been cleared up, many can't help but think that this episode could have been sorted out without so much publicity—publicity that made Bernie look more stupid than we all know he is.

Surely, the sensible thing to do would have been to keep the mis-understandings out of the media and make a few calls. Yes, I agree that the boss of F1 should speak to the media, but there are certain topics that you just don't mention unless asked- oh Bernie, did you forget that?



Bernie is 78 years old. OK, so I'm not going to say that every 78 year old should be tucked up in bed in a nursing home, that would be wrong. But surely, at his time of life, Ecclestone should be stepping down.

It has been proven scientifically that humans perception of everyday incidents changes as we get older, and it has also been proven that our brains start to faulter and make mistakes after the age of 70. This is just a sad fact of life.

Surely then, at 78 years of age, the last thing the brain can deal with is running a multi-billion-dollar estate—especially when the vast majority of this estate is linked to one of the most technically advanced sports in the world—my grandma doesn't even know how to turn a desktop PC on and she's only 67-years old. 

Technology changes and advances at the speed of light. How can someone who is only four-years away from the average life-expectancy of a UK male continue to comprehend such technology?


Formula One without Bernie

Well they always say, "The grass is greener," and in this case I believe this to be true.

Whether Bernie knows that he is coming to the end of his time in sport and is therefore making some changes to satisfy his own curiosity or whether he genuinely thinks that the changes he is making will benefit the sport.

Either way, I will tell you, from a fans point of view, that the changes being made at the moment are going to kill the sport that Ecclestone has put so many years of work into, and so many millions of dollars.

Bernie, retire now, enjoy what money you have left in your estate and let the sport go on at a time where it is still admired, do it before you destroy so many years of work and before you destroy the sport that so many people love.


This is my first article in a long time, so please go easy on me...