Guide To Football Sunday

Devin DunevantContributor INovember 30, 2008

Technology is amazing. I am able to sit in any apartment in the country and watch every NFL game. Simultaneously. To get the most out of what Sunday truly has to offer, though, every self-respecting football fan needs a few things: Beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic. You sit there for eight hours. At a certain point, enough is enough) food, and the right company to enjoy the action.  (This is key. The people you watch the games with have to be knowledgeable enough to have intelligent, in depth conversation about the game, point out action in a game you’re not paying attention to and still be mellow enough that the general flow the day progresses naturally without unnecessary peaks and valleys.)

With that out of the way there are a handful of supplies needed to accomplish this to a desirable level.  Obviously the first is the NFL package.  Without being able to view every game and sit in the same place for upwards of eight hours the intricacy of this process is not worth the effort. If you’re only watching the CBS and Fox games you’re going to be disappointed no matter what, don’t waste your time.

1.  A comfortable couch with ample seating room.  This will vary with the number of people you have watching the games and the schematics of the room. But as I’ve already beat into the ground, 8 hours, you’re going to need to be comfortable.  If there is not enough room celebrations, movement, ect overall comfort will be compromised and distract from the true focus, the games.


2.  At least 2 TVs. Direct TV’s super fan is a great concept (could use some tweaks like allowing you to arrange and choose the 8 games you watch, but overall great idea) but to truly see every game you need to spread the focus.  This also allows you to pay more attention to good games than the crap games. I would argue that you should really have 2 big screens, both with HD but not everyone has that kind of money/is that over the top.  But trust me, it adds immeasurably to the experience.


3.  Some sort of coffee table or surface that you can reach from the couch and still watch the TV.  Without a table of some kind you are forced to balance eating and watching the games and you miss some big plays.

Shopping should be handled Saturday.  It can be done on Sunday morning if you get up early enough (unless you’re on the West Coast, of course) but why deal with the hassle.  The spread should reflect your taste but don’t out think yourself. Chips and salsa are a staple for a reason.  (Personal additions: Peppers and cheese to place on some sort of cracker. I like the hard bagel chips but get creative. Spin dip is a must.  If attainable wings are a nice addition to the spread.  Pick them up right before you setup so they are still warm.  They are normally the first thing to be eaten. 

If you have a grill burgers/dogs/bratwurst make a nice intermission meal after the early games. If not, go with a sub or some substantial yet easy meal so you’re eating more than chips. 

You also have several alcohol options [beer or liquor, ect] but a gin bucket is a nice wild card.  The best Gin Bucket recipe is ½ gin, ½ sprite, a few lemons and limes cut and squeezed into the bucket with a dash of sugar.

Finally, desert.  You can never go wrong with ice pops, especially if you’re drinking liquor.  They are the perfect thing to cap of the day of gorging.)

Setup should start about an hour before the early games allowing just enough time to get the TVs setup, the first of the food ready to go, and catch the Mayne event without having to endure the pregame chatter from the “experts.” Obviously several people are needed to get the TV’s in the same room unless you have multiple high end TVs ready to go in one room in which case I have two comments: Why and I envy you.

After moving and arranging the TVs one person should start to get out the food while another programs the channels on each TV.  Program the custom channels list (one for the early games and one for the late) so that you can more easily navigate between games.  It also helps to figure out what the good games are going to be early. This way you get them in rotation on the big screen and everyone keeps a closer eye on them.

A towel on the table helps minimize mess and ease clean up at the end of the day.  This is also the point to prepare the alcohol.  This could be just putting a beer in the freezer so that it is extra cold or mixing a large amount of liquor such as a gin bucket.

At this point it is all about the games.  The food should be in front of you so the only reason to get up would be a run to the john or a refresher on a drink (unless you have some means of keeping drinks cold close enough where you don’t have to get up. Something like a mini fridge would probably work.)

The next step comes after the first games.  This is when you get prepare your big meal of the day. I know you should be eating all day anyway but a big meal in the middle helps to pull the whole day together.  It’s good to mix this up through the year too.  Start with subs then go to burgers, ect.  It helps to prevent it from getting old throughout the season. 

From here you re-up for the late games and repeat the process. It can be extended depending on the Sunday night game, but isn’t always worth it.

Clean up should be easy, especially if you do it as the day goes on.