Warning...this Player Will Self-Destruct

Sean WilsonCorrespondent INovember 29, 2008

Like several other players in the league, Plexico has this mistaken belief his immense physical talent gives him license to disrupt the psychological well-being of the team.  He is selfish and adds much less value then he believes.  The GIANTS win without him!  The Cowboys could win without TO, and the Bengals...well...they're the Bengals.

Not many have lived his life...dealt with the obvious developmental influences, or lived with the same developed set of values of Plexico...but...he was given an opportunity.  He is blessed with talent maybe 2% of the human population have. 

He was recruited by someone, mentored by someone, tutored by someone, represented by someone, loved by someone...and every time he self-destructs, he craps on the efforts of all of those people.  He didn't earn this place on his own.  His hard work was only part of the recipe to Super Bowl hero.  Some people helped him along the way... 

I was recently told, when discussing a family members similar tendencies, that some people who have had difficult situations in life, don't feel as though they should be successful and subconsciously destroy themselves at every turn. 

Every time they get on their feet, they sweep their own legs out from under them.  At some point, they can't pick themselves up again.  And at some point, some people will quit trying to help.

It vicariously hurts every time I see a Travis Henry, Plexico Burress type talent reach the pinnacle of a boyhood dream, only to dash it through self-destructive, immature behavior that preceeds a meteoric fall.

Maybe Congress can form a committee to investigate how to prevent millionaires, who play a game for a living, from throwing away their lives.  I think its a worth while cause.  Or maybe, we can start a foundation.  "For just 15 cents a day, you can get one NFL player off a proverbial cliff."