The 30 Worst Dressed Athletes of the Year (So Far)

Kelsey GivensAnalyst IISeptember 30, 2011

The 30 Worst Dressed Athletes of the Year (So Far)

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    Some athletes are the definition of cool. They have a certain swagger about them and they know how to dress to impress.

    And then there are the others who seem to be unaware of current fashion trends, either going with outfits that are too flashy or underwhelming. 

    These badly dressed athletes show up almost anywhere in their poor fashion choices, but it is usually the most noticeable in a very public setting, like on the red carpet or at a press conference. 

    With that said, here is a list of 30 athletes who have made this year's worst dressed list. Make sure to take note and don't dress like them. 

No. 30 Lindsay Vonn

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    She may have won the award for best female athlete this year at the Espy Awards, but this dress definitely didn’t earn her any points.

    It’s a good color, but the awkward shift between patterns makes it look like someone slapped two different dress together to make one, and she needed some bigger jewelry on her to really pull it off. 

No. 29 Chris Bosh

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    Chris Bosh usually has amazing style, but this suit he wore to a party during the NBA All Star Game was a total miss.

    The colors by themselves are ok, but put together it’s a little like a dark Willie Wanka with the burgundy and green. 

No. 28 Al Horford

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    After his team was defeated by the Bulls in the playoffs, Al Horford came out in this number. While it isn’t a total travesty, that collar looks like it came straight out of the ‘70s.

    If he had gone for even a slightly smaller collar the look would have probably worked. 

No. 27 Clay Matthews

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    This isn’t a bad suit, but it was a bad choice for Clay Matthews since the pale grey with the white shirt just completely washed him and his blond hair out. 

No. 26 Amare Stoudemire

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    The outfit is almost cool, but something about the deep v-neck shirt with the gold necklace gives me flashbacks of the “U Can’t Touch This” video by MC Hammer. 

No. 25 Kevin Love

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    The suit itself is great, it’s what he chose to wear underneath that’s not.

    That blue shirt would have looked good, if it hadn’t come with the bright white collar, and he possibly could have picked a better looking tie to bring it all together. 

No. 24 Shaun White

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    At this premiere of the Hang Over II, Shaun White was anything but a star.

    This outfit looks more like it was made for a woman than a man with the too tight black pants with matching tight black shirt and smallish grey sweater over it.  

No. 23 Michael Jordan

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    Here is an example of someone who is hit or miss with his fashion.

    Sometimes he looks great, and other times, like in this picture of him cheering on his Bobcats this year, he just misses.

No. 22 Kawhi Leonard

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    This may be his first year in the NBA, but Kawhi Leonard has a lot to learn about style.

    The lapels on the suit are too big to look modern, and the white trim on them doesn’t make them look any better.  And the pocket square could have been a nice touch, if it didn’t look like someone had just shoved it in his pocket. 

No. 21 Cam Newton

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    There are just too many light colors on this outfit.

    It would have been nice to see him put at least one contrasting color, or if he was staying with the pastel theme to use a color other than light pink for his tie. Even a green, orange, blue or purple would have spiced this look up a little bit more. 

No. 20 Arian Foster

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    This look also comes from the Espy Awards. It’s kind of reminiscent of a barber shop quartet uniform, and the white detailing on the jacket is just too much. 

No. 19 Tim Thomas

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    He won the award for best championship performance, but definitely not for best dressed at this year’s Espy Awards.

    It’s not only kind of a boring color palette, but the tie is too wide and should have been a different color than the shirt. 

No. 18 Serena Williams

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    Everyone knows she likes to dress super sexy, but with this ensemble it just looks like she’s trying too hard. 

No. 17 Frank Lampard

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    This soccer player isn’t always known having the keenest fashion sense, but this option was especially bad.

    You can almost see through his white button-down shirt and the jacket he chose was too shiny for those pants.  If he had at least put a tie with it the outfit could have maybe worked. 

No. 16 Kemba Walker

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    This outfit is blue; there is no question about that.

    But possibly going with a less shiny material or a darker color would have made this outfit more attractive. 

No. 15 Donald Driver

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    The colors in this suit were a good choice, but the jacket is just too long and it looked a little sloppy with him only having the very top button fastened all night.  

No. 14 J.J. Barea

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    The idea behind this outfit is good, but the execution was all wrong.

    The oddly colored plaid tie with the small pattern shirt underneath is just too much to look at all at one time.

No. 13 Matt Barnes

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    This horrific outfit comes from this year’s Espy Awards.

    The look almost works, but there is just too much paired plaid making it look more like holiday pajamas than something to wear to an awards show. 

No. 12 Derrick Williams

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    Did Halloween and the NBA Draft happen on the same day this year? No?

    Then what is with the black and orange color scheme? This definitely looks like a festive Halloween/fall outfit, not something that says “I’m glad I was the No. 2 pick in the draft.”

No. 11 Scottie Pippen

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    This outfit, worn on the T-Mobile magenta carpet, is a hot mess and makes Scottie Pippen look so much older then he really is.

    If he had chosen a more relaxed suit color or design, rather than the classic pinstripe, his laid back shirt and no tie look could have worked.

No. 10 Jake Locker

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    Where was his tie?

    Not only was it a little weird he was about the only person not wearing one here at the NFL Draft, but the top of his shirt looks sloppy as well. 

No. 9 A.J Hawk

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    This look is just sloppy. It’s somewhere between far too casual and not trying but still having to dress up. 

No. 8 Tyson Chandler

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    He looks more like a waiter than a professional athlete in this suit he wore to this year’s Espy Awards.

    And on top of the waiter look, his bow tie is too big and kind of messy.

No. 7 Enes Kanter

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    He may have been all smiles during the NBA Draft, but this outfit just made people sad.

    The jacket looks a little big on him, and that choice of a pale yellow tie to go with that grey suit didn’t really give much punch to the outfit.

No. 6 Dirk Nowitzki

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    Obviously after a game he’s tired, and picking out a stellar outfit isn’t on his priority list, although it should be, but Dirk’s post game outfits always kind of look like he got dressed in the dark, or out of his dirty clothes pile.

No. 5 Tiger Woods

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    You would think that when Tiger Woods showed up to an event for his charity, he would have dressed to impress, but that definitely wasn't the case here.

    That shirt is atrocious and the whole outfit looks a little bit too messy, like he wants to be super causal, but remembered he’s representing his charity so he can’t.

No. 4 Carmelo Anthony

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    What was he thinking wearing this suit?

    Usually Carmelo Anthony does a pretty excellent job of showing up in great looking clothes, but at this year’s BET Awards, he chose to wear this felt-looking jacket with an odd patterned shirt underneath. 

No. 3 Shaq

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    This look almost works, but then fails in all of the little details.

    Like the two random black stripes on the vest and the super skinny tie. If the tie had been a bit thicker and those stripes weren’t there this would have been an Ok outfit. 

No. 2 Brian Wilson

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    Everyone gets it, Brian Wilson is trying to be the funny man, the odd one out. But let’s be honest, mock tuxedo shirts, jackets and even this one piece, were out after the ‘80s. 

No. 1 Danica Patrick

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    And the No. 1 worst dressed athlete this year is...Danica Patrick.

    She could have amazing at this year’s Espy Awards if she had been in any other dress. This one looks like she just crumpled up some black fabric and pinned it to herself, hoping for the best.

    And on top of the odd design, it doesn’t even look like it fits her properly.