Soccer's 10 Most Hilarious Tantrums (Video)

Luis HerreraAnalyst ISeptember 30, 2011

Soccer's 10 Most Hilarious Tantrums (Video)

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    Many people believe that footballers set a bad example for children.

    Sometimes the footballers actually act like children themselves.

    It can be a bad call from the referee, the booing from the fans or just because they are not exactly the most stable persons, but footballers have given us a good number of pre-school scenes.

    Some are just embarrassing, but there are a few that are actually very funny.

    Let's take a look at them, in no particular order.

Antonio Cassano

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    A simple yellow card is enough to leave Cassano in tears.

    Ok, it was not so simple: the booking meant a one game ban for the Italian striker; Sampdoria's next match was against Roma, a game Cassano didn't want to miss.

Chinese Goalkeeper

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    A Chinese goalkeeper didn't notice an opposing player just behind, and that cost his team a goal.

    It also gave us a good laugh at his expense.

Carlos Diogo vs Luis Fabiano

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    After Carlos Diogo throws the first punch, somehow both player manage to miss on each other several times.

    At some points it's not clear if they are fighting or dancing.

Alberto Malesani

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    Coach Alberto Malesani lost his temper during a press conference when he was in charge of Greek side Panathinaikos.

    You don't need to speak Italian; what makes this video really funny is looking at the interpreter on Malesani's right.

Little Pumas' Fan After Losing a Final

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    Ok, this wasn't actually a footballer, but a very funny moment that got a lot of attention in Mexico.

    After Pumas lost the Apertura 2007 Final against Atlante, this poor kid became an icon for the sad Pumas fans.

Portugal vs the Referee

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    About to getting eliminated by Chile in the U-20 World Cup, Portuguese players try to avoid a red card by stealing it from the referee.

    Of course, that ended with two players sent off.

Giovani Trapattoni

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    A classic rant by another Italian manager, who speaks in his best German, which unfortunately is not very good.

    Anyway, you could make tons of Downfall-like parodies with this video.

Tim Howard

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    After being unable to prevent Giovani Dos Santos's fantastic goal that assured Mexico's victory in the Gold Cup Final, Tim Howard didn't react very well.

Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is used to embarrassing his opponents game after game.

    Apparently, he doesn't take very well when he is the one helplessly chasing the ball.

Referee Runs for His Life

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    We all have seen massive fights in football, but a fight between a referee and a team?

    Apparently not everything in Brazil is jogo bonito.

Do You Remember a Funnier Tantrum?

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    I'm pretty sure there are many other funny videos out there.

    Give me your suggestions in the comments section and let's make this a bigger slideshow!

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