WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview: 4 Things to Look Forward to

Josh TrueloveCorrespondent IIISeptember 30, 2011

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview: 4 Things to Look Forward to

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    WWE Friday Night Smackdown airs tonight on SyFy at eight o'clock eastern time. Last week's Smackdown was intense, and Raw was even better.

    Raw left a few questions that could be answered tonight on Smackdown. There are a lot of things to look forward to.

    Let's take a look at four things to look forward to tonight on Smackdown!

4: Booker T

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    If you're anything like me, you cannot get enough of Booker T as a commentator. It is just too funny. Anytime an announcement is made or something good happens, we hear "AWWWWWWW NO."

    Booker T is great as a commentator. Every other line is commentary gold. Booker T is always a good enough reason to watch Smackdown.

3: What About the Tag Titles?

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    The team of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, Air Boom, has yet to find an opponent for Hell in a Cell. All signs point to their opponents being the newly-formed team of Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler.

    Air Boom vs Swagger and Ziggler will be a great match if it happens. We will more than likely find out more about this on Smackdown. One thing is for sure: Ziggler and Swagger need a team name.

2: Lawsuit Against the COO

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    On Raw, we all witnessed a plot by superstars led by David Otunga along with John Laurinaitis to file a lawsuit against the COO of the WWE, Triple H.

    We will most definitely find out more about this on Smackdown.

1: Christian vs Randy Orton

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    Smackdown's main event features Randy Orton vs Christian in a singles match. This should get interesting.

    Orton and Christian always put on a good match, and anybody who watches will not be disappointed. Do not be surprised to see Sheamus and Mark Henry involved in this as well.